Gi2C'S Second $1000 China Internship Contest Opens for Entries

Gi2C Group, an internship provider in China, is holding a contest to build a bridge between cultures, share information and unite interns from all over the world.

Contest participants will share pictures and write blogs about their experiences in China. The "Gi2C Share Contest" is open to current interns who are presently in China. Each season, current Gi2C interns will have a chance to win the USD$1000 prize.

After starting out the contest as a monthly event and announcing their May winner, Arion Franklin, Gi2C stated this week on their website that the contest duration will change from monthly to a seasonal format. “Many interns who are coming for a one-month summer internship arrive in the middle of the month so they were unable to enter a monthly contest,” said Gi2C Brand Manager, Lucy Tokairin. “We changed the duration time to seasons (summer, fall, winter, spring) to allow all of our interns a longer time frame to join the contest.”

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Yuri Khlystov

Gi2C Group, CEO

Current interns can enter the contest by emailing their social media links to Once their entry has been received, Gi2C interns need to post on their social media at least three times each week. All social media posts and blogs should include the following keywords or hashtags: #gi2c, #gi2creview, #gi2cintern, #gi2cexperience, #gi2cgroup, #gi2cshare.

The intern who posts the most frequently and has the most appropriate, creative and popular content for that season will win USD$1000 transferred to their PayPal account. Winners will be announced during the first week of each new season.

The summer contest will take place from June 1, 2015 until August 31, 2015. Applicants may apply for the season contest all the way up until August 10. The summer winner will be announced in the first week of September 2015. 


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