Ghost Pubs launches Least Haunted campaign

Paranormal information service provider, Ghost Pubs, launches a campaign to gain awareness of haunted public houses in the least haunted districts. Qualifying districts are listed here:

In January 2015, the North West Evening Mail approached Phil Carney of Ghost Pubs, to assist him in finding haunted public houses in Barrow-in-Furness. As a result, Ghost Pubs located a haunted public house. Since then, Mr. Carney decided to launch a competition to find haunted public houses in all of the least haunted districts. Ghost Pubs intend to use the competition as an occasion collect and collate knowledge of these areas. 

According to Phil Carney of Ghost Pubs, "We intend to preserve accurate cultural information on haunted public houses, inns, and hotels - We record information on such establishments, irrespective of whether they are open, close, or demolished; we focus on the fact a haunted pub and the history it stores, in context, is truly part of British heritage."

Please navigate to for more details on the competition. It is under the News section, available from the main menu.  


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