Gastric Sleeve Surgery Cost in India Draws Medical Tourists From World Over

The low cost of gastric sleeve in India has drawn people from across the world, to lose extra flab and have a comfortable trip when travelling overseas for a surgery.

​​Statistics state that USA has the maximum number of people that have a BMI of more than 40 i.e. a large percentage of population in USA suffers from obesity. And thus, surgery for weight loss is widely recognized.

Of all the bariatric surgery procedures, Gastric sleeve surgery has gained immense importance in the last decade. Sleeve gastrectomy surgery entails removal of a major portion of the stomach laparoscopically thereby cutting it down to one-fourth of its original size so that the stomach takes the shape of a tube or sleeve. Additionally, it also restricts the release of ghrelin, the hormone responsible for food cravings in the stomach.

Highlights of Gastric sleeve surgery:

·        The stomach reduced in volume whilst keeping its function just the same. Although, the food that is consumed should be taken in small amounts.

·        The hormones that stimulate hunger are removed.

·        Lesser complications such as malabsorption and vitamin deficiency compared to other bariatric procedures.

·        Curtail the chances of an occurrence of ulcer, anemia, osteoporosis, protein and vitamin deficiency as compared to other surgeries.

Why medical tourists choose to get Gastric sleeve in India?

The cost of sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India is a lot lesser whilst not hampering the quality of services. If truth be told, India performs medical operations at 20 to 40 percent of the cost of the same procedure done in the United States. It is estimated that about 18,000 weight-loss surgeries were conducted in India in 2014. Moreover, several Bariatric surgeons in India have received training overseas and are today operating in first-class hospitals in India. The most advanced surgical procedures are performed at reasonable prices. The tools and equipment along with the medical infrastructure is unmatched. Besides, the patients can make the most of the surgery with a healthcare tourism in India that offers a comfortable and exotic tour to alluring destinations across India.

What makes India the perfect healthcare tourism?

India has a rich and colorful history. Some of Asia’s leading and highest-ranked hospitals are present in India. Consequently, India has come to be known as the world’s leading medical travel destination for patients on the lookout for value for their medical budget. The healthcare technologies in India are at par with countries such as US, UK, Russia, etc. and are delivering good results too. At the same time, language is never a barrier whether you are coming from a western or a non-western country.

The proposition India offers as bariatric surgery or medical tourism destination is second to none. “People are very smart and educated in modern world. With whole lot of information available not only at the click of mouse, but in your smart phone all the time, people have variety of options. They know what is in offering and can closely compare. India is definitely the most favoured destination for Americans for weight loss surgery because they see Indian doctors all the time and have trust in them. Indian hospitals are as good as in US, doctors are American board certified, language is the same, it is just that the cost is much lesser here, and thus Americans opt to get their weight loss surgery in India.” Dr Ruchika from IndiCure states simply.

“We get lots of queries from Americans, Australians and England. People do not want a compromise on the quality, they come to India not only because the cost is less, they get quality at low cost.”

After IT, medical services is the field that India has successfully been able to offer to West. And the trend is bound to grow, say industry insiders. 

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