Garnet Is The Treasure Stone Of Heavy Minerals Says VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan

Annually, India exports nearly 650,000 tonnes of garnet, of which over 85 % of the mineral comes from Tamil Nadu. Such a figure has only taken place after roughly 20 years of relentless efforts by the private sector in the industry.

Garnet, a large group of rock-forming minerals is mostly associated with a red gemstone. However, garnet occurs in many other colors and has many other uses. Garnet’s more than just a mineral; it is a gem, an abrasive, a filtered gem.

In India, heavy minerals are found in the coastal areas, near beach surfaces in the state of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala’s East coast and Maharashtra. Tamil Nadu is the sixth most populous state in India and is bestowed with heavy minerals on its coastline therefore making it one of the largest exporters of heavy minerals. If the trends of garnet mining are closely observed, it would be noticed that it is private companies like VV Mineral that have a dominating share in the world garnet market.

However, in India it finds little use and most of it is exported. Garnet is not recognized as an abrasive in the country because of the presence of cheaper variants. Beach mineral sand deposits are found in countries like Australia, India, South Africa, USA, Mozambique, and China & Sri Lanka. Australia was the largest supplier of fine grade garnet till early 2000. However, tides have changed and as most of their mines have depleted, the importers have turned to India.

Garnet production has not only improved the standard of living for people who reside near the mines but also earned a good amount of much needed foreign exchange for the economy and the country. VV Minerals, Vaikundarajan exports and all other activities are carried out by abiding the rules and regulations of the government.

VV Minerals is also involved in the betterment of the society. Not only do they indulge in investments and overall development of industry in the backward areas, they are also in looking into ways to create direct employment. They also foster the development of indirect employment like transport, packing etc.

Therefore, in times of such economic crisis that our country is facing VV Minerals, India constantly works hard to ease the current scenario. VV Minerals is one of the biggest private companies to export garnet

The Company’s foundation was laid down by S. Vaikundarajan,the chairman and the managing director of VV Mineral. He is the man behind VV Minerals India reaching such great heights in this heavy mineral mining industry.


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