Gamers, Cosplayers, and the Mockingjay Invade Atlantic City

Celebrate indie gaming and have fun at Gameacon 2015

Visitors to Atlantic City next month might be startled as they round a corner and come face to face with people arguing about the merits of single-player versus multiplayer games or “Harley Quinn” wielding a ridiculously large sledgehammer or even a horde of rabid “Katniss” fans. Don’t panic! It isn’t the zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion, but the first ever Gameacon which will take place at the Tropicana Casino & Resort’s Grand Exhibition Hall on November 20-22, 2015.

Gameacon (i.e. Game Arts Conference) is a gathering of indie game developers who want to show off their work and the fans who want to be first to play them as well as a broader range of entertainment including sneak peek showings of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 in IMAX, Street Fighter and Smash Brother video game tournaments, “Call of Duty” style laser tag, and much more!

"Gameacon will be fun for everyone! Whether you're a developer, gamer, cosplayer, fan or you just want to geek out, be entertained and see what's next on the video game horizon, Gameacon is the con for you. Cosplay events, fan movie showings, parties, tabletop gaming, and more will be available to attendees... and if you are a game developer or interested in becoming one, Gameacon can help you learn about how to break into the industry or help you network with other developers." ― Ari Fox, Gameacon Producer

In addition to the many events at Gameacon, the casino and the city have a lot to offer people from the Family Fun Station to the Atlantic City nightlife, both casual and fine dining, a multimedia light and sound show, the bluemercury spa, the beach and boardwalk, golf, gambling, and of course, shopping!

Ultimately, the mission of the convention is to create a festival to help artists in game creation thrive by providing a space for them to showcase their work, the opportunity to reach an audience who craves to see their games, and a forum to learn from each other. There are other indie gaming conventions but many of them are corporate and in big cities where it is expensive to stay, eat and get around. Gameacon was designed as a grassroots event with affordable hotel rooms, parking, and food that will best take advantage of all the Tropicana and Atlantic City has to offer guests of the convention and their friends and families.

Gameacon is being produced by Fox Marketing, LLC, a family business run by Benjamin and Ari Fox in Hillsdale, NJ. Fox Marketing has been in operation since 1998 and has worked in the Atlantic City market for many of these years.


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Gameacon (i.e. Game Arts Conference) celebrates the artistry and fans of indie gaming and is produced by Fox Marketing, a family business run by Benjamin and Ari Fox in Hillsdale, NJ.