Fuel India: an Event Management Company with a Difference

Fuel India is one of the leading event management companies in Bangalore, led by Pradeep Naik established on 10 October 2010.

It took, years of hard earned experience, dedication, creativity, daring nature and the willingness to walk the path less travelled by, to build and develop Fuel India, a Bangalore based event management company. Mr. Pradeep Naik is the founder of this august company that came into being in the year 2010. His relentless passion for work and the ability to think out of the box has made Fuel India one of the leading event management companies in India. Responding to the changing signs of time in Corporate and Educational sector, numerous event management companies mushroomed across India over the years. But very few of them managed to leave their signature mark behind. Fuel India is one of such event management companies that has managed to make its mark in the concerned field. Its reputation as an event management company has reached across India. It is second to none in conceptualizing, organizing and executing quality events.

Fuel India’s ability to think out of the box and perform beyond expectation has clichéd a name for itself among the other leading event planning companies. Fuel India has been talk of the town among the event planning companies ever since its inception a little less than a decade back. It is said what goes round comes round; the services provided by Fuel India in terms of event management has been highly appreciated by the leading brands across India. There is a considerable increase in the number of institutions and corporate sectors who are availing its services. The seamless effort with which Fuel India organizes educational events has made it a household name among the leading educational institutions and corporate word of India.

Fuel India has become synonymous with conceptualizing, creating and executing original properties. Career Utsav- a mega educational event is one such original properties of Fuel India. Career Utsav witnessed thousands of students benefitting from it in each of its edition. The popularity of Career Utsav speaks in support of Fuel India’s ability to employ creative approach and think out of the box. Fuel India has expanded its horizon of activities over the years.

Fuel India undertakes award functions, Product Launches, exhibition and conferences, ATL and BTL activities, Team Outing and Lead generation programmes. Every activity undertaken by Fuel India has uniqueness and creativity at its base. The creative presence of Fuel Media is aptly felt by both its clients and other event management companies. It itself is a clear proof of its popularity in the field.


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