Free Health Screenings, Oct. 25

Free health screenings and tests on Sat. Oct. 25 are being provided by the non-profit Indo-American Medical Association of Northeast Florida in cooperation from Baptist Health and St. Vincent's Hospital.

This Saturday, Oct. 25, the Indo-American Medical Association (IAMA) of Northeast Florida will offer free Health Screenings and a Wellness Fair, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Wyndham Downtown Jacksonville Hotel, 1515 Prudential Dr.

“This is the fourth annual event and we hope the community will take advantage of these free screenings and services,” said Dr. Parveen Khanna of Pain Medicine Physicians of Jacksonville and president of the IAMA. “It’s open to everyone including those at-risk families, children, elderly and other individuals who may not be able to see a doctor as often as they should.”

Free screenings include blood pressure, glucose, high cholesterol, body mass index, dental, prostate (men over 40 years), podiatry (foot), cardiac evaluation including echocardiogram and carotid Doppler testing, eye examinations, nutrition counseling, arthritis evaluation, bone density testing, psychiatry and mobile mammography.*

*The mobile mammography must be scheduled ahead of time. Call (904) 308-3780 to schedule.

The free screenings and tests are being provided by the non-profit Indo-American Medical Association of Northeast Florida in cooperation from Baptist Health and St. Vincent’s Hospital. 


Was founded by physicians from Jacksonville and surrounding area more than 25 years ago with a vision to provide educational, social, scientific, cultural and charitable platform to this group of physicians. The organization’s meteoritic rise from a basement chat twenty years ago to become one of today’s premier ethnic medical associations is a tribute to our past leaders, hardworking committees, and a constituency of 150 physicians, almost 30 dentists, and countless medical students living and practicing in NE Florida.The mission of is to serve as a forum to facilitate and enable the Indian American physicians to excel in patient care, teaching, research, and help them to pursue their aspirations in professional and community affairs.

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