Former Chairman and CEO of ChoicePoint, Inc And Current Minority Owner of NFL Atlanta Falcons Endorses

Former Chairman and CEO of ChoicePoint, Inc and current minority owner of the NFL Atlanta Falcons, Derek Smith, has publicly endorsed, a web-site devoted to helping young adults perform temporary odd-jobs in their communities.

“What does is give these kids a chance to build relationships with new people within their community itself.  That creates value and enhances their overall ability to impact themselves and society in the process,” said Derek Smith.  “In each kid there is a burning ember to succeed, and many simply need that spark to get going." is an on-line marketplace whereby local homeowners can outsource essential, everyday odd-jobs to local area young adults between the ages of 16-26.  The site provides homeowners and businesses with an easy, user-friendly site to address that odd job or task by hiring and working with responsible neighborhood teen job seekers who are ready, willing and able to perform these assignments.  Through’s web based platform, job providers can post their task while job seekers can set up their own personal Personal Profile Page including interests, abilities, achievements, and work history.  Both the job provider and job seeker utilize the site to find the right candidate for the job and the right job for the candidate.   Essentially, is a community-based exchange of services built upon a foundation of reliability and trust.

“It’s a win-win for everyone involved,” said Tom Cerna, Founder and CEO of  “Homeowners have the ability to locate a person to perform essential, everyday odd jobs, while young adults have the ability to earn some much needed cash.”  Islip Resident Chad Smith who recently teamed with Cerna to bring to Sayville added, “While it certainly helps kids, I’ve always said that is a parent’s best friend as well, because it gives their kids options to do something productive, not to mention the elderly, who often need someone else around to help with all sorts of tasks.”

“I’m thrilled to be using technology to offer opportunities to today’s youth rather than kids using technology to isolate themselves, and we are very excited to have Derek Smith express his support and endorse,” said Tom Cerna.  Derek Smith, who is also the Founder of GivingPoint, a not for profit offering an online tool to serve, support, and develop young social entrepreneurs, agreed, “I call it a human renaissance in a technology-driven world.  The benefits of technology are based on what the user does and how he or she can interact with it.  There needs to be a connection between technology and the community and the only way to do that is through both a technological platform and human infrastructure.  Both of our organizations help facilitate that and can offer a range of benefits by providing ways for kids to get involved in their communities and learn more about themselves in the process.”

“Many young people feel things are so stacked against them, and as a result, they might think that it’s okay to just accept things as they are and take whatever is being offered as opposed to going out and making their mark on the world,”  said Tom Cerna. enables teens to expand their range of experiences while increasing their level of capabilities.  In essence, teaches teens to take charge and be in control, allowing them the opportunity to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills.  “The greatest lesson here for young people is that they’re in direct control of their destiny,” added Chad Smith. will soon be featured in Slate, New York Institute of Technology’s school newspaper.  CEO of Tom Cerna can also be heard on WCWP, the Long Island University Campus Radio Station on Friday December 5 at 10:30 am.


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