Film Star Moammar Rana Undergoes a Hair Transplant Surgery at ILHT Pakistan

A well-known film star and a celebrity in Pakistan Moammar Rana at last decided to have a hair transplant in order to maintain his good looks.

Moammar Rana a popular film star of Pakistan was upset due to falling hair as beautiful hair is always known to enhance beauty of both the genders. And the shining stars like MOAMMAR RANA are not made to compromise on their looks and especially on

 International laser hair transplant is most commonly known as ILHT.The institute ILHT is one of the pioneers of hair transplant in Pakistan. Beauty conscious people, in the past, had to go abroad to get hair transplant done.ilht has been serving the people of Pakistan since2000.

Hair, one of the most popular stars of Pakistan film industry Moammar Rana has chosen ILHT who are the pioneers of single follicular hair transplant in Pakistan. In the silver screen industry pattern baldness has been has been the issue of big concern. Under no circumstances can a silver screen star make a public appearance without shiny lustrous hair. A film star has to appear on screen with a variety of hair styles that change with every character.

Sometimes a star becomes a heartthrob of thousands of fans of opposite sex, but even the fans of the same sex start following the star in attire, body and even hairstyle. Our Pakistani super star MOAMMAR RANA had the same problem. A close friend of moammar rana told him about the services that ILHT provides considering about all the options he had to overcome his hair loss he opted for hair transplant with surgery.Fue is the best hair transplant available and is the only permanent solution to the problem.

Stars love to be surrounded by people who can do anything just to have the glimpse of their hero, and even the stars satisfy the press reporters by letting them click their snaps just in case they want to publish anything about them. Stars choose the surgical hair treatment because it does not have any serious side effects.

After seeing the snaps of some previous clients of ILHT Moammar Rana was quite thrilled to have chosen this treatment of his problem. A team of competent doctors performed the surgery and moammar got his hair transplant done from center of ILHT Lahore.

After the surgery MOAMMAR RANA was really grateful to his friend who suggested him the procedure as well as the proficient staff of ILHT who helped him get his good looks back and boost his moral. He had to stay away from the silver screen for some time but the results really worth the sacrifice. The doctors and technicians have done their job in such a perfect manner that Moammar Rana is more than happy with the results and his hair look so natural that even the people of silver screen are surprised.

For all those who are worried about their appearance because of the hair loss and are looking for a perfect treatment the presence of institution like ILHT is a blessing, that superstars like MOAMMAR RANA also recommend.

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