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In light of the continuous spike in the search for 'Torrent VPN', VPNRanks conducted an in depth study into a dozen VPN services that commit to providing internet security and online anonymity to P2P and file sharing users. ExpressVPN was voted as the best torrent VPN, based on study metrics that included user preference and service features.

​​​​​​​​​​​The recent crackdown on torrent websites has reignited the debate on torrent and P2P activities. As a result, the demand for torrent VPN services continues to rise. While numerous VPN services commit to provide the anonymity and data encryption that is now a critical requirement amongst torrent users, only a few have managed to gain the trust of the file-sharing community. A recent study suggests that ExpressVPN is one of those few.

ExpressVPN - Not Your Average Torrent VPN is a content intensive review website that keeps a close eye on developments that impact internet security and online privacy. The latest research by VPNRanks is part of the recent series of studies aimed to generate a transferrable and practical understanding of user preferences.
ExpressVPN is not like other giant VPN services and has a server spread of a 100+ VPN servers dispersed across over 75 countries. In an industry where other VPN services provide users access to as many as 300+ VPN servers, ExpressVPN has managed to stand out in the crowd thanks to stable speeds and user-friendly software - both of which are becoming increasingly hard to find as the market saturates with SMEs aiming to make a quick buck off the growing demand for Torrent VPN.

VPNRanks has excels in conducting application-related stress tests on VPN services and the findings of the internationally acclaimed VPN review website echoed user reviews in a recent survey for torrent VPN.

VPNRanks Survey & Stress Test Findings

The survey took factors such as speed, server availability, pricing, tech support, and software into consideration. Responses collected from torrent VPN users on social media platforms were analyzed to confirm that ExpressVPN’s popularity amongst File-sharing and torrent users was based on the service’s stable service quality and frequent discount offers that made the premium torrent VPN service affordable.

Representing for the study, Mr. Danish Pervez stated that: “Unlike other VPN services that are popular amongst different Netizens, ExpressVPN seems to be an all-rounder of sorts. We’ve got everybody from torrent users, internet privacy advocates, online gamers, and soccer moms; and they all seem to be very comfortable with ExpressVPN’s services”.

Respondents belonged to a widespread demographic that included users of popular operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS. A closer analysis of ExpressVPN and its services revealed that the service offers a full range of torrent VPN services and features. The respondents confirmed that the features and benefits that set ExpressVPN apart from other tunneling services include a variety of encryption protocols (that help torrent VPN users choose the data security they need), and custom software (for all major Operating Systems).

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