ExecuSpeak Dictionary is Your Key to Career Advancement

New series of books & apps offers essential tools for tomorrow's corporate leaders

Carol Heiberger not only has a head for business, but also a way with words.  Throughout her corporate career, she considered her ability to write clearly as a secret weapon, but noticed a persistent communication gap between her colleagues and their coworkers.  It was this gap, she realized, that hindered progress. 

“I was the only multi-lingual person on the team because I had learned to speak the language of all of the departments—finance, marketing, engineering, etc.” Heiberger continues, “Now my goal is to facilitate communication between all functions…in the meeting room and beyond. The first step to better communication is to ensure a shared vocabulary.”

Heiberger created the ExecuSpeak Dictionary® to help everyone understand the language of business.  The book, apps, and their industry-specific companions break down business jargon into simple terms intended to expand everyone’s working vocabulary, regardless of their reading and speaking proficiency.  

"ExecuSpeak Dictionary is dedicated to anyone who has ever been frustrated or confused by American Business English, because business is another language."

Carol Heiberger

What makes ExecuSpeak Dictionary so unique?

·         Proprietary formula based on proven principles of language acquisition

·         Includes cross-section of over 500 commonly used terms

·         Organized alphabetically with 18 subject matter classes

·         No scrolling required in smartphone formats

·         Indexes ease navigation and accelerate learning

·         Each entry includes the term, a plain English definition, used in a sentence

·         Available in a variety of paper and electronic formats to meet specific user needs and maximize benefit

ExecuSpeak Dictionary provides an innovative solution to the challenges of workplace integration, knowledge transfer, customer service, sales and marketing support, as well as executive and board mandates. The ground-breaking method is a proprietary formula based on proven principles of linguistics and expedited language acquisition.  The books acknowledge both the challenges and benefits of domain-specific terms, while helping readers to incorporate lists of lingo inherent to their industry and its protocols.

Carol Heiberger’s experience includes a long career in new product development for technical industries after receiving her MBA from Wharton.  More recently, she’s taught business planning to degree-seeking MBA students and knowledge-seeking adults.  Volunteer service includes 15 years reviewing loan requests for a micro-lender, serving as a judge for the Wharton Business Plan Competition, and as a Business Counselor for SCORE.  She has been a writing coach in the Wharton Communications Program and during 2012 wrote the “Word of the Month” column for TheStreet.com.

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