EPIC Youth Organization's Makes Its Debut at AAU Nationals

EPIC Hoopz Eigth Grade Squad Finished in Fourth Place on their First Trip to AAU Nationals

Epic Hoopz took fourth place in the organization’s debut at the Amateur Athletic Association (AAU) National Championship Games. AAU Nationals were held in in Orlando, FL in August, and hosted some of the top 100 ranked players compete in the tournament.

Epic Hoopz (part of the EPIC Youth Organization) qualified for AAU Nationals by dominating AAU Regionals with a record of 4-0. Epic Hoopz was only one of four Illinois eighth grade teams to qualify for the AAU Nationals Tournament, and is coached by Justin Anthony, George Lewis, Lucas Miller, and Drew Simonini.

Epic Hoopz faced fierce competition during the AAU Nationals, and finished the tournament with a record of 4-3. This record was achieved by beating DHC Elite for Florida, then lost to Virginia Playmakers and Evolution Basketball from New England. Epic Hoopz rallied back to beat Macon United from Georgia and V-Fit All-stars from Florida.

Unfortunately, Epic Hoopz had to forfeit the final game of AAU Nationals due to a flight conflict, but not before gaining essential tournament experience. Epic Hoopz finished the tournament in fourth place in the DII classic bracket. The young men played their best basketball of the season. Many players had their personal best scoring outputs. The passing and team defense was a testament of four long months of strenuous practice. 


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