Egypt Safe for Travel Says Osiris Tours

Founder of Osiris Custom Tours says Egypt is Safe and the Media is Hyped

​Despite media hype and attempts to escalate fears for travellers, Egypt remains a buzzing tourist destination and a safe place place for US, British and Australian travellers says Founder of Osiris Tours, Mahmoud Gerbril.

"Our team works in conjunction with the Egyptian police and tourism police force and has up-to-date info on everything going on in and around the cities to keep our clients safe", said Gebril of his trained private guides, many of whom hold degrees in Egyptology and History.

Clients who arrange custom Tours with Osiris continue to speak highly of their experience in Egypt.

"Most informative guide I have had in years ...travelled with my mom we felt extremely safe with our guide as well ", says Nicole of her recent trip with Osiris Tours.

Many are suggesting that recent events have caused western media to exaggerate what is going on in Egypt but not everyone is convinced. travel in and around Cairo, Luxor and many other parts of Egypt looks much like business as usual.

Beyond the tourism, many Egyptians however are concerned about what is happening to their Tourism.

Many busineses survive solely on the huge Russian and British travellers who visit the vast and beautiful country each year to explore it's beaches, travel it's rivers and see the monuments that represent the cradle of civilisation.

As Wiki Travel put it recently,

“While media insist that Egypt is not safe for tourists, it may seem like the media can't understand the difference between a country and a plaza.”

Never-the-less, Travel Agencies like Osiris Tours continue to provide world class, safe and luxurious custom tours to Egypt, Jordan, and throughout the middle east.

The crime rate is low in Egypt and the people very hospitable to visitors. If you ask for help, you will get it. That said, like any tourist hot spot, Egypt has its rogues. That is why travelling with a pre-arranged tour guide to the places and attractions you want to see is such a good idea.

The pyramids, Giza, Luxor, the River Nile and the Temples, as well as valley of the Kings, remain fantastic destinations to a country that boasts one of the few remaining wonders of the world.

Osiris Tours have recently launched their new website and are continuing to experience growth and interest for their Private Tour Packages.

"If you are using a travel agency where the tour guides are locals: Professionals with years of experience and local knowledge who can customise your entire Egyptian holiday, you are in good hands", said Gebril.

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