Dr. Eric Shaver of Allied Physical Medicine Promotes a Whole Body Approach - An Free-Target Attack on Pain

Eric Shaver, DC and his staff at Allied Physical Medicine take a unique approach to pain relief. Their methods of chiropractic care and a self-proclaimed "Whole Body" approach are revolutionary in the field.

Dr. Eric Shaver is a doctor of Chiropractic and leads the staff at Allied Physical Medicine in Lancaster. While he studied at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and has extensive experience with the status quo – traditional approaches to pain management and relief – Dr. Shaver does things differently.

For Dr. Shaver, entering into chiropractic care was about more than career aspiration or the want to temporarily relieve people of ailment. He wanted to see every man, woman, and child invest in his or her wellness. It has been a goal of Eric Shaver to see and treat even those who have not just suffered accident or injury, even those who are not suffering from chronic pain. He asserts that every individual could benefit from nutritional counseling, massage, posture screening, and a better awareness of his or her body.

The idea of his whole body approach to care is meant to reach all patients. In his years of experience, Dr. Shaver has treated many patients. In those years, he has seen examples of patients who experienced pain in one area as a result of a deficit or misalignment in another area. Chiropractors who are only seeing the subluxation in the spine may be missing the need for orthotic support. A care provider only concerned with accident-induced whiplash is likely to overlook the complications the patient might have in his or her hips.

To promote Lancaster community wellness, Dr. Shaver is spreading the effects of his whole body approach by inviting new patients in to his office for a complimentary consultation. Shaver is confident he can convert a skeptic into a regular with his brand of complete bodily awareness and life balance.


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