Domijump Is Looking for Global Partners of Trampolines and Trampoline Parts

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Domijump, the leading manufacturer and supplier of trampolines and trampoline parts in China is looking for new trampoline distributors and retailers in Europe, America and Asia.

This has been attributed to the expanding market for trampoline in the Global market.

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“The Domijump trampolines are the most sought for in the global market, and nearly every individual would wish to own one,” said Lisa, the Domijump’s Sales Manager. “We believe that bringing more partners on board we can extend the benefits our trampolines can offer such as safety and reliability,” she added.

The company projects to expand its customer base through the go-to-market partnership campaign that it started early last year.

Domijump intends to help its new partners to expand their businesses by creating a friendly environment for doing business.

In a memo that was published yesterday by the company, it highlighted the following key areas:

  1. It will offer a low minimum order requirement for all the prepaid shipments to all their new distributors and partners globally.
  2. The company will ship all the trampolines and trampoline parts to their respective destinations.
  3. The company will train all the new partners on installation, maintenance and repair of trampolines
  4. All partners will get a certificate to show they are authorized dealers of Domijump trampolines.

To maintain a good business relationship with all partners, Domijump will also consider a number of factors.

It is important to indicate the following key aspects in the application form:

The sales force & records

The key aspects that the applicants should indicate include: the number of salespersons, both long & short term expansion plans, sales growth, sales objectives and average sales per volume.

This will help Domijump to consider the quantity of trampolines and  parts the partner can sell within a given period of time.

Territorial analysis

It is important to highlight the specific region that the retail store covers i.e. London, U.K. Include any branch offices and their locations.

Any expansion plans should be indicated. This will enable the company to be acquainted with all the rules and regulations that pertains to doing business within a geographical location.

Product mix

The applicant must include the line of products that their company or retail store distributes.

This should include a comprehensive list of the existing products. It is important that the distributor/supplier sell products that are related to trampolines or are in the same category for instance, sports and work out equipment.

This will help the company to determine whether there could be any conflict of interest and the sales projections.


These include all tools and equipment that the company will depend on to make successful sales.

These may include the size of the warehouse, computers, networking software. The ability to integrate systems is an important aspect of any sales process.


The distributor should include all policies that govern their way of doing business.

These should include the terms and condition of partnership. It is important that Domijump harmonizes all these polices and terms of doing business to create a conducive environment for doing business.

The company is currently accepting applications that can be done through their official website

All applicants will be contacted through the company’s official address indicated below. The criteria that will be used is free and fair.

Domijump does not work with any brokers, so you will be dealing with the company directly.

The company will also introduce the new partners to the new strategic plans that intend to promote growth and sustainability of all trampoline products.

The company will organize a number of seminars and workshop. A process that will conducted by the sales department. All the interested company are encouraged to apply.

About Domijump

Since 2006, Domijump has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of trampoline and trampoline parts. The company has partnered with a number of multinational retail stores, Walmart, Auchan and Correfour amongst others.

Domijump strives to expand its partner network by partnering with the existing and new business. This is due to the increasing sales and demand for trampolines in the global market.

For more information about Domijump, visit their official website:

Contact: 0086 137 7732 3951



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