Domain Theft of 14491.COM From Godaddy

As numeric domains increase in value, it is no surprise that cyber theft is on the rise. What security measures can be taken from the registrars and how can domain owners protect themselves?

With the rise in value of short numeric dot com domains, it's not surprising that domain thefts are on the rise.

The owner of a portfolio of domains at GoDaddy recently discovered that his domains were stolen. Most have been recovered but 14491.COM is still out there as recently reported.

Readers should flag as stolen and should not purchase the asset if it goes on the market unless the domain is returned to its rightful owner.

It would appear that domain theft is an escalating issue. Domain owners should consider increasing security (two factor authentication is a must).

How will registrars handle the growing issue of cyber theft?  What measures will be implemented to enhance security?​

Will (the domain registrar of the accused thieves of co-operate with in their efforts to retrieve the domain to the rightful owner? 


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