Debut author Deborah Blake Dempsey Announces Release Of New Middle Grade Fantasy Novel, THE HOPPERNOTS

How do you become a hero when everyone thinks you're trouble?

Debut author Deborah Blake Dempsey weaves a fantastical tale for readers still young enough to be enchanted by woodland dwellers and for older readers who secretly believe in the magic and madness of the forest.

Growing up in Florida, Deborah Blake Dempsey fell in love with frogs.  They covered the outside walls and door of her house and tripped her up on the walkway. One frog even decided to sneak away with her on a cross-country trek to her new home in New England, surprising and scaring her by appearing on the passenger side door while she was driving. With her love of frogs, Deborah began studying frogs, only to realize her beloved amphibians were in trouble. Frogs are intrinsic to human life as bioindcators of environmental ills and they are going missing. What is a frog lover and writer to do to help save the frogs? She writes a middle-grade novel called THE HOPPERNOTS, that’s what she does.

Around Lake Fibian, Max, Cristobel, and Spyder are notorious. Stories of their pranks and troublemaking ways have followed them all of their lives. When they hear the tales about a creature called the Hoppernot, they believe the Elders are making up stories to keep young frogs (okay, mostly them) in line. But when frightened Elders announce a Hoppernot sighting, the trio think they know exactly what to do. With a nose for adventure­­­­­—and because the Elders are all talk and no hop—they sneak off to find out if the legendary creatures are real and discover Hoppernots not only exist, but they are destroying their home and putting lives at risk.  

The adventure begins when Max, Cristobel, and Spyder issue a call to action to drive the dangerous creatures away. Along the way, they discover a secret weapon, an unlikely alliance, and they must find a way to make the Elders forget their troublemaking past and trust them enough to follow them into a battle of survival and fight for the lake they call home or risk losing it . . . and their lives.

Deborah Blake Dempsey is a New Yorker by birth, a Floridian by the number of years raised there, and a New Englander by choice…and all along the way, there have been frogs. She loves good books, belly laughs, fabulous shoes, and travel. She has a twisted sense of humor and truly believes laughter and


Pug Paw Press

Release Date: August 5, 2014

(ISBN - 978-0-9904812-1-8 (eBook - $4.99), 978-0-9904812-0-1 (paperback - $9.99)

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