DC Rapsheet Takes Aim at Corruption; Holds Candidates Accountable

Big data takes on big government in the 2016 elections

A recruiter, accountant, and lawyer from middle america are using big data to help citizens make educated decisions. At www.dc-rapsheet.com users can find, educate, and decide on who to vote for as quickly as checking their email. Their aim is take a government that has become increasingly difficult to understand and boil it down in a citizens summary for quick review. A kickstarter has been launched to help fund the project in lieu of private investment which could cause the idea to become politically slanted. Americans are frustrated with the two party system as evidenced by popular culture constant ridicule of the ineffectiveness shown therein. With a more educated populace more can and will be accomplished in all levels of government. The kickstarter was launched 6.29.2015. The official launch of the site will be July 4th, 2015 although early access will be available for crowdfunders to test drive the demo.

Their hope is that this tool will provide a tool for voters for the 2016 Election and provide unparalleled understanding to otherwise unreadable political data.


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