Datatel Officially Releases its Customer Satisfaction IVR Survey Workbook

Datatel Communications Inc. announces the official release of its complimentary Customer Satisfaction IVR Survey Workbook to help businesses successfully execute their Customer Satisfaction Telephone Survey.

Datatel Communications Inc. /Datatel Inc. in Canada, a leader in IVR Services on the Cloud, announces the official release of its Customer Satisfaction IVR Survey Workbook. The workbook is designed specifically to help businesses successfully execute their Customer Satisfaction Telephone Survey to measure the success of their customer contact center in delivering quality service.

Businesses often find that preparing and selecting the most effective Customer Satisfaction IVR Survey questions can be challenging and time consuming. Datatel mitigates these obstacles by combining some of the most popular IVR survey questions in a comprehensive, easy-to-read workbook so businesses can get their project off the ground in record time.

By using the workbook, businesses are able to avoid many common mistakes and focus on optimizing their callers’ experience for higher completion rates. With valuable survey question lists, welcome/goodbye messages and a fillable template, businesses are provided with an easy-to-follow guide to draft their own survey to meet their specific needs.

The Customer Satisfaction IVR Survey Workbook is a complimentary offer from Datatel.

About Datatel

Datatel is a leading provider of Secure IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Services on the Cloud. Datatel's IVR Services are employed by businesses, healthcare providers, research institutions, government and service providers to automate a wide range of caller interactions over the telephone - including payments, voting, surveys, patient communications, and employee tracking applications among others.

Datatel’s IVR success comes from over 19 years of research, development and continuous improvement in delivering IVR service models that provide organizations with reliability, flexibility, and security. As a Cloud platform, Datatel maintains all infrastructures, reducing expenses and ensuring rapid and worry-free implementation.

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