Daly Computers, Inc. Adds CirrusWorks, Inc. to Its Maryland State Hardware Contract

Delivers maximum bandwidth efficiency and performance for busy WiFi networks

As part of its continued mission to combine innovative technologies and services to serve their customers, Daly Computers, Inc. (“Daly”) has included CirrusWorks, Inc. (“CirrusWorks”) to their Maryland DOIT State Hardware Contract Number 060B2490022  to help manage bandwidth resources and improve Internet performance on busy public WiFi networks.

Daly is the premier IT solutions provider and government contractor in the state of Maryland. For 23 years straight, Daly has held a Maryland statewide contract, providing a source for procurement of client devices, servers, printers and network communications equipment to schools, libraries and state and local government agencies.

The CirrusWorks Governor™ is a next generation bandwidth optimization tool that installs in minutes and immediately improves throughput capacity of existing circuits and infrastructure. The solid-state appliance is designed to work with almost any LAN architecture, without the need for complex, expensive configuration. It does not require traditional rules, policies or deep packet inspection, and it fully operates in an end-to-end encrypted traffic environment.

“Our partnership with CirrusWorks enables Daly to provide its customers with a simple, effective solution for enhancing Internet capacity in high traffic network environments,” Jeff Di Bella, Director of Sales at Daly.  “With the explosion of data throughput from mobile, streaming and web-based applications, the CirrusWorks Governor™ helps our Maryland state customers and their users get the most from their infrastructure and circuit investment dollars.”

The Governor™ automatically adjusts bandwidth utilization based on user demand in real time, regardless of what users are doing or how data is encrypted. “The Governor™ is extremely effective in unpredictable, high traffic network environments,” said David Giannini, CEO of CirrusWorks, “maximizing your investment in bandwidth, LAN infrastructure and network supports costs, and ensuring fast and reliable Internet performance for all users, all the time.”

About Daly Computers, Inc. - Daly has been an integral part of Maryland’s technology landscape and growth for nearly 30 years. They maintain one of the deepest IT infrastructures in the State with a multitude of technical, engineering, and professional resources, providing on-site services as well as 24x7 help desk support statewide. Daly Computers is a Maryland company vested in the State and thoroughly committed to help build the State’s IT infrastructures.  For more information, please visit www.Daly.com.

About CirrusWorksCirrusWorks is the leader in bandwidth optimization technologies. Its proprietary Governor™ product optimizes traffic during peak congestion periods to ensure fast and reliable Internet performance for all users all the time. CirrusWorks is enabling organizations to improve network performance and avoid costly bandwidth upgrades in a simple, efficient and cost effective manner. For more information, please visit www.cirrusworks.net.


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CirrusWorks is a leader in bandwidth optimization technologies. Their flagship product, The Governor™, provides a simple, cost-effective tool for capturing more capacity from Internet circuits, improving web-based performance for users on busy BYOD n

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