Content Marketing Firm Embraces a Timely New Direction: Advocacy

Coquí Content Marketing is now consciously directing its focus toward a new niche: advocacy.

While Coquí Content Marketing has previously been known for its work in creating content and developing marketing and distribution strategies for leaders in the industries of health, wellness, medicine, personality, social psychology, addiction and behavioral health, the company’s leadership is taking a bold step into important, and often marginalized, territory of advocacy. 

The company’s new direction, announced earlier this week, could not be more on point in light of the current national climate around gender issues, race relations and LGBTQ rights. Successful marketing strategies and content creation that not only drive business, but also advocate, are unique to the industry.

Said Coquí CEO Sarah Ratliff, “Since I began co-authoring a book on being biracial ( with Bryony Sutherland, and given current events none of us can ignore, advocacy of all kinds has been on my mind. So much so that I have decided to take my company in that direction. I believe it is our calling.”

The Coquí Content Marketing team has already demonstrated its skill and savvy in working with women- and minority-owned businesses and looks forward to continuing to serve the needs of populations often overlooked by mainstream media. While the company will still produce high quality content in the areas in which it has excelled in the past, advocacy, sensitivity and strategy in these new areas presents an exciting challenge and opportunity.

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