Connect Relates Women in Sports to Women in Business

The CEO of Connect addressed the intersection of athletics and business, and explained how women fit into it. She also offered several examples of business lessons that can be learned from sports.

“People have been likening business to sports for decades,” said Rachel O’Hara the CEO of Connect. “The relationship between them holds particular value for women, however. Research has found that playing sports makes women better businesspeople. As an added benefit, playing sports provides women with more networking opportunities.”

According to O’Hara, women with sports in their backgrounds are typically more confident than their less athletic peers. They’re more resilient as well, because sports demands that they get back in their respective games despite losses. Of course, they also understand and embrace the value of training, teamwork, discipline, and perseverance – all of which are imperative to success in business.

“There are a lot of female leaders who are or were great athletes,” O’Hara stated. “There’s Indra Nooyi, for instance. She’s the chief executive of Pepsi, who played cricket during college. Marjorie Scardino, who owns the Financial Times, was a rodeo rider when she was a teenager. Ellen Kullman is in charge at DuPont – a chemical group – and played basketball when she was in college. So did Irene Rosenfeld of Kraft Foods. These are just a few examples, and at Connect DFW we admire them all.”

"I think the most important lesson is that sports teaches people how to work hard,"

Rachel O'Hara


CEO of Connect Cites Examples of Business Lessons Taught Through Athletics

O’Hara elaborated on the sports-related skills that can be applied to business. “I think the most important lesson is that sports teaches people how to work hard,” she continued. “The more they practice, the more ability they have, and the more they are rewarded.”

Individuals who play sports also learn about making sacrifices to improve performance. “Even small sacrifices are sacrifices,” O’Hara indicated. “Maybe you give up watching your favorite television program in order to get some extra practice in at the gym. It’s the same in business. Perhaps you don’t have as much time to take extended lunch breaks because you committed to meeting with one of your team members at midday every day. You miss out on some relaxation, but your relationships with your associates become infinitely stronger.”

“Here at Connect, we regularly look to sports for lessons in leadership, strategy, and more,” O’Hara concluded. “It’s a great way to learn – especially for female professionals who must make huge efforts to maintain places in the business world.”

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