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Connect's director of operations discussed leadership's commitment to the professional development of all the firm's team members, particularly regarding presentation skills. She also cited several open positions.

“At Connect, we place high value on professional growth,” said Rachel, the firm’s director of operations. “It’s a pivotal part of our culture. That’s why we employ a comprehensive training program as well as ongoing learning opportunities. This guarantees ultimate success for them and for our company. My colleagues and I pay particular attention to their presentation skills, because public speaking is the backbone of what we do. Fortunately, everyone at our firm is excellent in this area already. However, we review these skills regularly to ensure their continued excellence.”

Rachel described some of the points she makes during the presentation skills trainings. She stated, “In the wise words of Mark Twain, ‘There are two types of speakers. Those who get nervous and those who are liars.’ I know most people fear presenting to groups of people, so I like to address ways to manage anxiety.”

According to Rachel, it’s completely normal – and even healthy – to be nervous prior to and during a speech. It’s also quite possible to make sure it doesn’t have a negative impact on a presentation. “I remind my people at Connect to speak only about what they know,” she indicated. “If they don’t feel comfortable with a particular topic, they should research it extensively. I also encourage them to smile. This simple action will help them feel relaxed. Finally, I task them with giving as many presentations as possible. The more they do it, the more comfortable they become with it.”

"I remind my people at Connect DFW to speak only about what they know,"



The director also noted that dynamic speaking is covered in the presentation skills trainings. The idea is not to speak at a group of people, but to speak to them. This ensures that any audience will remember and enjoy a presentation. To accomplish this, Rachel encourages her people to be enthusiastic but not preachy, to use stories and anecdotes to convey their messages, to use plenty of gestures and voice inflection, to maintain eye contact, and to speak to the unique needs of each audience.

Connect’s Management Announces Career Opportunities

“Our heavy investment in training ensures that every campaign we produce exceeds expectations,” Rachel concluded. “Our talented professionals know how to make an impact, and this has led to a sharp but wonderful rise in demand for Connect’s services. To maintain this pace, my colleagues and I are hoping to fill several sales and marketing positions. Career-minded and driven individuals can learn more by vising our website.”

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