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Connect's management team is pleased to report that over the last several months, their telecommunication division has shown significant growth. At the helm is Cary N., the division's director, who shared the department's expansion plans.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with this division’s progress,” said Rachel O., Connect’s CEO. “Under Cary’s direction, it has flourished remarkably over the last year. The plans for expansion are well underway. Cary and his team have been great.”

Rachel noted that Cary joined the team in 2012. “He started working on local campaigns and things sprung from there,” she said. “Cary’s energy is phenomenal. He truly puts his heart into this job.”

Cary stated that he was immediately attracted to the company because of its positive culture. “The team culture here is great,” he said. “It was one of the first things that attracted me to this business. I was drawn in by the energy and knew I belonged at Connect. Eventually, my desire to be a part of upper management grew as I became more committed.

"I have a great team and I'm looking forward to adding new members who are equally motivated,"

Cary N.


After a year with the company, Cary achieved his goal of acquiring a management position. It wasn’t long before he was offered the opportunity to open the telecommunication division. “This has been a fast-paced push to success,” Cary added. “In three years, I’ve gone from learning about the interactive marketing industry to establishing a new division.”

Cary has since been successfully running this division with much help from the motivated individuals who comprise his highly-driven team. His goals are to expand into five more regions: Dallas, Houston, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and San Antonio.

Connect Managers Discuss Hiring Plans for Telecommunication Division

With the Connect telecommunications division expansion plans underway, Cary announced that he will be hiring new associates to fill marketing positions. “I have a great team and I’m looking forward to adding new members who are equally motivated,” he said. “I’m looking for individuals with amazing work ethic who can manage an exceptional crew. Ideally, I’d like to bring on individuals who don’t take themselves too seriously, but can still be professional. We work hard, but we like to play as well.”

“We have a great company culture. It’s very team-based and fun,” he concluded. “At times, things can be chaotic, which is why we strive to maintain a positive atmosphere. Overall, Connect is a great company for anyone willing to put forth the effort. I’m proof that you can realize your career goals here.”

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