Connect Offers Great Internships, Looks to Hire Grads

Connect's director of operations detailed the benefits of working with colleges to create internship programs. She also shared some reasons why the company emphasizes hiring college graduates.

“We always look forward to a new school year here at Connect,” stated Rachel O’Hara, the firm’s director of operations. “It means that there is a new crop of intelligent and driven college students who want to find ways to gain work experience. For us, that means providing them with an internship opportunity that prepares them for long-term success.”

Company leaders at Connect work with local universities and community colleges to create the ideal internship experience. The director explained, “Our firm is the ideal place for ambitious students to learn how to work with a diverse and innovative team. When college students come here, they prepare themselves for a rewarding career in an evolving and exciting industry. They learn both technical skills and the importance of collaboration while working for Connect.”

By remaining active with career fairs and related events on college campuses, Connect’s leaders maintain access to a pipeline of young talent. “I think it’s essential to stay visible to aspiring young professionals,” Ashley added. “We want to keep spreading the word that our company is a great place to develop your career and to make a name for yourself in the marketing world.”

"We always look forward to a new school year here at Connect DFW,"



Connect’s Director Outlines the Benefits of Hiring College Graduates

 Along with providing internships for dedicated students, the leaders at Connect also work hard to attract top college graduates to their organization. The director commented, “There are so many positives that new grads bring with them to a company. We want to make sure that we roll out the welcome mat for dynamic young people who are ready to contribute to our success.”

One thing that fresh college graduates offer to a company is a high degree of comfort with emerging technology. “The world is changing so quickly, especially when it comes to tech tools,” Ashley added. “It’s always nice to bring in graduates because they have a fresh perspective on new devices and they can eagerly apply them to their work. Honestly, it’s also good to have them teach a few things to our more seasoned team members. Collaboration extends to every aspect of our business, and that includes helping us learn more about new techniques and tools.”

Graduates are also still in learning mode, which helps them adapt to new concepts and work processes very quickly. The leaders at Connect don’t have to worry about recent graduates sticking to the old ways of doing things. The director concluded, “This is another way that new grads help our more experienced associates. They inspire them to adopt new research methods and customer engagement tactics.”

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