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Successful interactive marketing relies on a strong team-based culture that's geared toward performance and winning. At Connect, managers cite that this culture reflects best sports practices and athletic-minded determination.

​Successful interactive marketing relies on a strong team-based culture that’s geared toward performance and winning. At Connect, managers cite that this culture reflects best sports practices and athletic-minded determination.

“In Texas, it’s all about sports, whether it’s our pro teams like the Cowboys, or our local college and high school athletes,” said Rachel O’Hara, Connect’s director of operations. “The brands we represent are sports minded as well.”

Rachel cited that Connect’s ongoing training mirrors how sports teams operate. “Our rookies undergo intensive training to learn the ropes,” she said. “They’re immersed in the processes and work alongside our seasoned pros. No one is sent alone into the field until they’ve acquired the necessary skills.”

"Star athletes don't rest on their laurels,"



Like with athletes, Rachel shared that everyone is engaged in continual development. “Star athletes don’t rest on their laurels,” she noted. “They’re continually working to refine skills they need to stay competitive and win. When they miss plays, they review the game tapes to see where their mistakes are and improve them for next time. They don’t give up. They persevere. This is what it means to embrace a winning spirit. At Connect, we help team members gain additional skills and practice their strategies in order to perform at their best.”

Connect Describes How to Build a Winning Team

According to Rachel, individual performance is only half of the equation. “Sports teams model what successful business teams should emulate,” she said. “It has to be a concerted effort across all departments in order to score goals.”

“Think about any sport, such as hockey, basketball, football,” she explained. “It’s not just one person trying to score. You have multiple players supporting each other. In basketball, if one individual has a better shot at the net, the player holding the ball should pass it. Teamwork is about being aware of each other’s talents and capacities. If everyone is trying to be the star, your business will miss opportunities to win. Your competition is really on the outside.”

This is not to say that the Connect team does not participate in some friendly office competitions. “We’ve had events tied to March Madness and other championships,” Rachel shared. “We try to make them fun events that everyone can enjoy, while effectively raising the bar on milestones and goal attainment.”

“Athletes and teams are always trying to improve their records and be in the championships,” Rachel concluded. “At Connect, we’re committed to applying these principles of determination and perseverance, and striving to be champions in all we do.”

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