Connect Highlights Team Talent and Growth Opportunities

Connect's rewards program allows company leaders to recognize their team members. The firm's CEO shone the spotlight on several top performers and discussed their potential for growth.

“The Connect team is full of passionate, hard-working individuals,” said Rachel O’Hara, the company’s CEO. “One of the ways my colleagues and I thank them for their efforts is through a program that allows significant savings on activities they love. It includes spas, sporting events, cinemas, amusement parks, and fine dining.”

Another way O’Hara thanks her people is through public recognition. She mentioned several company leaders who consistently perform extraordinarily. “Emily P., Kara C., and Anthoney M. surpass my expectations every day,” she stated. “I don’t know what I would do without them. They keep the team engaged, rise to challenges, support one another, and hit every goal. They’re driving Connect to higher levels of success.”

Connects Leaders Discuss Their Roles and Their Goals

"These admired leaders are ideal examples of our path to advancement at DFW,"

Rachel O'Hara


 If there was ever a better way to turn heads and drive business for our clients, it is through our corporate events.  Connect helps consumers, volunteers, and employees enjoy exclusive packages from our premier client list.  We allow everyone to take advantage of our exclusive packages of places and things they have always wanted to do with their friends and family.  This allows families the ability to enjoy their off time doing all the sports and entertainment that Dallas Fort Worth has to offer. 

Emily takes a calm approach to leadership, avoiding impulsive decisions and focusing on values. “I believe someone who listens…that is so important,” she indicated. “You must listen to your mentor as well as the people you are trying to lead. Patience is another important value. You need to be patient because each person you are leading learns at a different pace and shouldn’t be pushed aside if he or she doesn’t fully understand things the first time. I also remind team members that we are stronger together than alone. We all pose our own unique talents and are successful in our own rights, but if we combine it all we make an unstoppable team.”

Kara has an effective leadership style as well, focusing on the value in everyone’s differences. She also demonstrates positively, accountability, openness, the ability to prioritize, and the willingness to grow. “By subscribing to these principles, I make myself human and relatable,” she explained “I am a people person, in a people business. If I continue to be my best for myself and for others, I become a leader through my example. The biggest message I plan to impart to each of my team members is that if you follow your gut, do what’s right, and work hard, unimaginable things can become your reality. Dreams do come true.”

Anthoney is known at Connect as being remarkably goal oriented, and points out that the best ways to realize ambitious objectives is through open-mindedness and being willing to learn. “I would take a less talented but more humble and eager team member over the know-it-all every day of the week,” he said. “If learning is a strength for someone, anything can become a strength for that person. Also, as far as I’m concerned, you don’t necessarily need to be your biggest critic, but you have to be open-minded to taking an accountable and constructive approach with every weakness you can find. Be excited about how self-aware you can be and you’ll start turning your weaknesses into strengths.”

 “These admired leaders are ideal examples of our path to advancement at Connect,” O’Hara concluded. “They have the passion and drive to rise through the ranks, and everyone who joins our team has similar opportunities for growth. It keeps our firm successful, and it’s amazing to see these people thrive.”

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Connect is a results-driven provider of memorable and effective interactive marketing campaigns. By combining strategic planning with an unmatched talent for fast and efficient implementation, the firm provides consistent results for clients of all sizes. Connect utilizes a dynamic approach that makes an immediate impact and leads to long-term relationships between companies and customers. These mutually-beneficial bonds create lasting brand loyalty as well as sustained improvements in clients’ revenue streams. The company has built a reputation as an industry leader resulting in significant growth because of its team of highly-skilled branding specialists. Contact them today to learn more about how they help clients exceed even their most ambitious promotional goals. Check us out at

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