Connect Discusses Business Relationships and Negotiation

Connect's director of operations reviewed the elements of successful business relationships. They include successful negotiation and making positive first impressions.

“Experiential marketing is the name of our game at Connect,” said Rachel O., the company’s director of operations. “It’s the best way to grow leads and sales for the brands we serve, but doing so depends on our abilities to foster relationships and negotiate. As such, we place a huge emphasis on these skills through ongoing training.”

Rachel shared some of the techniques she imparts to her team members. For instance, she begins by helping them reframe their perceptions of negotiation. “It’s not about one person getting his or her way,” she explained. “It’s about mutual respect and compromise. Both parties should benefit from a successful negotiation.”

Before entering such a discussion, Rachel indicated that all parties should do their homework. They should be fully aware of what they’re willing to offer, and well as what their counterparts most desire. They should also have a clear understanding of what they will and will not accept.

"During our trainings on negotiation at Connect DFW, I'm also clear about the importance of managing emotions,"



“During our trainings on negotiation at Connect, I’m also clear about the importance of managing emotions,” Rachel stated. “It’s easy to feel frustrated or otherwise emotional if you don’t feel a conversation is going your way. Still, it’s vital to maintain composure at all times. Get creative. Determine some way to maximize benefits and minimize losses. As you make concessions, do so little by little. When you do reach a conclusion, document it thoroughly to remove any chance of misunderstanding.”

Director of Connect Offers Insight on Making a Great First Impression

“Of course, it’s best to build rapport with someone before initiating a negotiation,” Rachel continued. “The strength of a relationship – and the subsequent potential of any compromise – depends on those involved making good first impressions. Fortunately, being likable isn’t very difficult.”

According to Rachel, genuine interest goes a long way in making a good first impression. When someone makes eye contact with his or her counterpart, smiles warmly, and expresses an interest in learning more, it makes an impact.

“It feels good when an acquaintance asks for your thoughts and opinions,” she concluded. “That’s why I urge the Connect team to say little and listen a lot when trying to make memorable impressions. Even if you do don’t do much talking, a new connection will remember you if you let him or her speak extensively. You’ll be regarded as a caring, personable individual. It makes for a great start to a lasting relationship – one full of possibilities.”

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