Connect Celebrates Ten Years of Business With Milestones and Achievements

It will be the ten-year anniversary for exceptional service from the Connect team on April 29, 2015.

It will be the ten-year anniversary for exceptional service from the Connect team on April 29, 2015. Leaders and managers alike are in celebration of the achievements that have taken them so far within the marketing and brand development industry. Connect invites you to celebrate their time with a reflection on their achievements.

Rachel O’ Hara, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, looks back on where it all began and how it led to Connect’s success today. In the midst of earning her masters degree, O’Hara was yearning for a taste of a professional environment. She began her journey working in the sports industry where she immediately fell in love with the idea of working with local sports teams.

“It was a great opportunity, I love sports,” she continued, “I wasn’t sure if this was going to be the right fit for me, but I was a recent graduate who wasn’t initially excited about the industry my degree was in so it felt like the perfect time to take a chance on something different.” Quickly after her time spent in the sports marketing industry, O’Hara found her passion within the firm to be leadership and development of others. “I had frequent opportunity to develop different campaigns and work in group settings while training others, during my time doing so is when I fell in love with the business.”

"A strong team is what keeps the positive momentum going and it has made all the difference in these past ten years."

Rachel O' Hara


Connect Reflects on Company Achievements

O’Hara’s success led her to open her own firm doing the same line of work however, working for herself and building her team of branding professionals. “I made a lot of rookie mistakes when I first started but I’m proud to say that I’ve grown so much since that first day at Connect.” In no time at all, O’Hara was able to expand to multiple other markets opening teams in Dallas, Orange County, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Denver, Birmingham, Riverside, Kansas City and many more places with plans for future expansions including New York and Boston.

“This could not be done without the help of my amazing team. I owe my success to them,” she said “A strong team is what keeps the positive momentum going and it has made all the difference in these past ten years.”

During Connect’s journey for success, it has opened a sport’s brand representation division, a telecommunications department as well as a corporate events department. The corporate events department is intended to partner with the human resources with DFW’s largest corporations, hospitals, government agencies and many more companies in order to offer an employee discounts program to their employees for the biggest names in sports and entertainment. The telecommunication department has also made a big impact on the success of Connect by partnering with major fortune 500 fiber optics companies to service the needs of their clients and their customers.

Connect’s mission, to provide loyalty to their people and results to their clients has resulted in 10 years of promotions, awards for their people and millions of dollars in residual sales for their clients.

“Big plans are in the works for the next ten years with Connect DFW and I am very excited to see how it all unfolds,” said O’Hara.

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Connect is a results-driven provider of memorable and effective interactive marketing campaigns. By combining strategic planning with an unmatched talent for fast and efficient implementation, the firm provides consistent results for clients of all sizes. Connect utilizes a dynamic approach that makes an immediate impact and leads to long-term relationships between companies and customers. These mutually-beneficial bonds create lasting brand loyalty as well as sustained improvements in clients’ revenue streams. The company has built a reputation as an industry leader resulting in significant growth because of its team of highly-skilled branding specialists. Contact them today to learn more about how they help clients exceed even their most ambitious promotional goals. Check us out at

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