CMC Government Supply Provides Tactical Teams the Best Protection Available

The Armor Express Gunfighter Ballistic Helmet and the LightHawk Tactical Series Vests provide Tactical Teams the ultimate in protection, performance and comfort.

When duty calls, law enforcement tactical teams are many times the first on the scene and find themselves in dangerous situations. This is when the protectors need the best protection. Armor Express Ballistic Helmets are the right product for the job.

The Gunfighter Ballistic helmet is made of advanced Thermoplastic Aramid and Glass Fabric Composites, raising the level of protection while reducing the weight. It has a brimless tactical cut and comes in sizes small to extra-large. Color options include black, OD green, and tan.

The flared sides of the Gunfighter allow it to accept double canister gas masks, communications, and goggles. Rails and night vision goggle mounts are optional, and harnesses are available. The shell’s edge is finished with extruded neoprene rubber trim, and the entire outer surface is protected with a scratch resistant mil spec flat paint. This Ballistic Helmet meet NIJ Level IIIA and all ACH MIL-SPECS for Fragmentation.

CMC Government Supply is an authorized Armor Express Law Enforcement distributor, for the full line or Armor Express body armor and ballistic protection products, such as the Lighthawk Series Tactical Vests.

For full body protection, the Lighthawk XT is the most versatile full coverage extended tactical vest in the industry. This fully scalable armor system offers a multitude of innovative features. Designed to maximize maneuverability without sacrificing coverage, the XT gives operators a significant tactical advantage. This XT model also has communication wire restraints.  Important add-on accessories include shoulder flanks with integrated ballistic collars, deltoid protectors, removable throat protector, retractable nape protector, and retractable groin guard.

For a lighter ensemble, Armor Express features the Lighthawk LT, the latest carrier capable of converting Alpha Sized concealable vest panels into a sleek and highly functional "Light Tactical” ensemble. The LT is compatible with the Lighthawk modular ballistic accessory kit allowing users the ability to scale up or down based on mission specific threat assessment.

Armor Express proves the Lighthawk XT and highlights it in a video demonstrating capabilities.  To review it, visit  For more information on the Gunfighter Ballistic Helmet, please see CMC Government Supply is proud to provide products from Armor Express who is devoted to saving lives with superior quality body armor and ballistic protection including unparalleled protection, wearability and service.


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