Clean Hands, Save India - A Mission to Make SAFER Patient Care the Right of Every Indian

Swachh Hasth Abhiyaan (Clean Hands Save India) is an initiative to create awareness on importance of hand hygiene in healthcare sector, by Association of Healthcare Providers (AHPI) with a team of internationally exposed young volunteers, listed in WHO (World Health Organization)

Swachh Hasth Abhiyan (Clean Hands, Save India), an initiative by Association of Healthcare Providers (AHPI) with a team of internationally exposed young volunteers, is a small step in the journey to educate the masses about the vitality of hand hygiene in health care facilities. This initiative derives its sanction from WHO (World Health Organization) and will be launched in India on 5th of May, 2015 which is declared the World Hand Hygiene day by WHO.

Swachh Hasth Abhiyaan, targeting healthcare sector – first of its kind in India, aims to bring over 1000 entities including hospitals and corporate organizations together on May 05, 2015 to celebrate the day as a token to show their commitment towards hand hygiene at their organizations

Most of us, even the educated, are not aware that huge number of lives can be saved through proper hand cleaning by healthcare workers while giving patient care. Poor hand hygiene in hospitals results in more deaths every year than all the types of major cancers combined. In the decade where threats of Ebola, Swine flu outbreaks exist, hand hygiene has been proved as the most efficient intervention to prevent spread of infections within the patients and to others.

The objective of the campaign is two fold:

  1. Make healthcare workers more aware and sensitive about cleaning their hands before touching a patient
  2. Make the general population more conscious about the hand hygiene status of their healthcare providers.

The team is actively seeking sponsorship for making the campaign reach pan India. Volunteers are currently engaged in promoting Swachh Hasth Abhiyan Campaign through various social media mediums, aimed towards the field campaigns to be held on World Hand Hygiene Day, 5th of May 2015.

A society must be built which questions their health care providers before the initiation of any medical procedure, so as to ensure their own safety. We at Swachh Hasth Abhiyan, pledge to instill the aforementioned mindset of questioning the health care providers about sanitization through this campaign and seek the support of the health care providers and the general population for the same. Therefore, we appeal to one and all to join this initiative and towards a healthier India, an aware India and a Pro- Active India.


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