Chris Batin Enjoys a Day on the Water With Petersburg Sport Fishing in "Little Norway"

Outdoor and travel writer, Chris Batin, recently went out for one day of fishing with Donn Hayes, owner/operator of Petersburg Sport Fishing in "Little Norway," Alaska.

As the owner and editorial director of Alaska Angler Publications and editor of the online journals, The Alaska Angler, and The Alaska Hunter, outdoor and travel writer, Chris Batin, recently enjoyed one day of fishing the area with Donn Hayes, owner/operator of Petersburg Sport Fishing in "Little Norway," Alaska, as his guide.  In Chris' words, “Donn is a superb guide.  I wish I had a week fishing and visiting with him at his lodge.” 

An award-winning author with over 40 years experience searching out and studying the best of Alaska, Chris Batin is considered by many as the "foremost expert in Alaska sport fishing and hunting."  He has fished and hunted all over the state, and has written about it in over 1,400 columns and features in local and national magazines and newspapers.  So his comments about Donn and Petersburg Sports Fishing are high praise, indeed!

Situated deep inside the Tongass National Rain Forest, those wanting an exceptional sports fishing experience can experience unmatched beauty, unparalleled sea life, crystal blue glaciers and exceptional fishing.  Some of the fish that can be caught locally are salmon, halibut, cod, rainbow and cutthroat trout through Petersburg Sport Fishing's packages.

So, if one is looking for a break from traditional getaway vacations, there is none better than Petersburg Sports Fishing Charters.  Contact D'Ann Hayes at 925-457-7211 to book at a special weekly summer price, whether for a regular charter or to book the new self-guided boat at a very special grand opening sale for 2014.  Just call and put down a deposit to hold the weeks of one's choice for 2015.


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