Chiropractic Efforts & Research May Benefit Soldiers & Children Simultaneously; One DC Weights In

New products are being tested that may benefit soldiers' spinal health and alignment. Mark Weiss, DC, of Weiss Chiropractic, weighs in on the potential impact of these products for soldiers and civilians alike.

Products have begun to be invented that serve ambulatory traction style devices. The concept is that a soldier is required to carry an extreme amount of weight on his or her back and that, over time, the spine will be compressed or curved in an attempt to bear it. While we have considerably lessened the heft of a soldier’s pack by modernizing freeze-dried foods and slimming down canteens, the weight remains. Technological devices have gotten lighter and slimmer but in any case, there are many amenities and weaponry that must be carried in combat and at times of rest both. Worried that the weight  may never reduce further, chiropractic minds and medical engineers began crafting devices which might help to lighten – or at least, stabilize – the pack.

Some innovations failed, proving to add weight without adding relief. Others have been successful to stabilize the weight in studies, but are uncomfortable or overheating for soldiers to wear. Other products have met with success and are awaiting patents and distribution. Are these products the future of military combatwear? This remains to be seen. Talk in the world of chiropractics, however, sees the potential of extending this line of innovation beyond the military frontlines and into our schools.

One experienced chiropractor in California, Dr. Mark Weiss, treats many children and has treated soldiers as well. What he sees is a common thread. His years in the field have shown him that while many other demographics have their own unique reason to see him, soldiers and children bear a resemblance. While pregnant women many come in for lumbar and lower body support, and the elderly may come in for mobility therapy, children and soldiers bear the same combination of curve and compression formed when one carries an immense weight on his or her spine directly.

The solution is yet unclear. Until a miracle product truly relieves the pain, discomfort, and underlying injury of back-worn weight, Dr. Weiss and his colleagues will continue to push back on the problem. Dr. Weiss’ main concern is that there is no more the field of chiropractic care can do except play tug-of-war with the enemy. Until backpacks are no longer a weighted issue, it will be a fight to the finish for chiropractic care and the movement to heal.


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