Chiropractic Doctor Brian Colquitt of Chesapeake Family Wellness Center Fights the War on Weight

Obesity is an epidemic in our country. The medical community works tirelessly to help people correct any conditions which cause weight gain. Not without the help of Dr. Brian Colquitt in Columbia, Maryland.

What does a chiropractor have to do with weight loss? Dr. Brian Colquitt of Chesapeake Family Wellness Center asserts that the two intersect quite vehemently. Dr. Colquitt’s approach to chiropractic care serves the whole body. Because of this, he is able to see where excess weight bears a negative effect on the spine. His human biology background also arms him with the knowledge to counsel patients on nutrition, exercise, and bodily awareness.

Dr. Colquitt’s approach to weight loss includes proper body movement, the appropriate diet for each unique patient, and supplements. Dubbed the ChiroThin method, the method he adopts promotes vitamin-rich supplementation and diet in a mix with safe, conscious exercise.

At Chesapeake, each patient is offered the opportunity to learn exercises which would target his or her specific trouble spots. All of Dr. Colquitt’s expert advice, and the advisement of his staff, is backed by research and education. This is in addition to years of experience with success stories. The ideology behind chiropractic weight loss is that chiropractors do more than treat spinal injury – they are whole body healers.

To promote community wellness in Columbia, Dr. Colquitt has taken it a step further. His practice now offers consultations to new patients completely without commitment. This is part of his effort to spread the understanding of the importance of weight  management and lifestyle balancing. In this consultation, new patients can learn more about the makeup of their bodies and the ways in which they would benefit from chiropractic care. Often, these conversations touch on the topic of weight loss. Dr. Colquitt maintains that the importance of weight loss has nothing to do with the way patients look, and everything to do with their health, and how they feel. Thus, his crusade against obesity in Columbia is clinical, and – as Dr. Colquitt suggests – dire.


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