Chiropractic Care Overtakes Pharmaceuticals and Surgery in Popularity, Some Say

While there remain areas of the world where the first choice for pain is narcotic drug intervention, some are choosing chiropractic care as an alternative. One DC explains why this might become the new common preference in America.

Chiropractic care has been around for a while now and in some areas of the world, it struggles to compete in popularity or preference to the quick fix of pharmaceutical drugs. Lately, however, some areas of the world are seeing the potential benefit of chiropractic intervention. Some happy patients won't be turning back to by-mouth or injected medications as a way of eliminating or managing their pain.

The major differences between prescription medication and chiropractic intervention are speed of relief, endurance of relief, side effects or risks, and, some doctors might add, the experience of treatment.

Dr. Justin Scharer of Spinal Aid in Wausau, Wisconsin is a major advocate for proven, holistic care. He offers an explanation of why patients should choose chiropractic, and why so many are choosing it. According to Scharer, chiropractic care feels better right away. He asserts that while some patiets experience minimal awareness after an adjustment, it is far less invasive than the chemical reactions or soreness of pills and injections. Scharer also explains the difference in experience, sharing that visiting a chiropractor is more than pops and cracks. He explains that patient education, posture screenings, and all-over holistic care just are not part of a drug or steroid regimen.

In Wausau, Eau Claire, and the surrounding areas, more and more people are turning to chiropractic as the preferred alternative to medication and most are satisfied.


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