Chiropractic Care a Game-Changer in Professional American Football; Players Reject Invasive Methods

Of the thirty-some American Professional Football teams in the league, only one is without the onsite, full-time care of a chiropractor. Virginia's Steve Lininger, DC of Manassas Chiropractic breaks down why.

Any person who has watched or played football, has most assuredly seen someone get hurt on the field, whether at the youth, high school, college, or pro levels. The truth is, football is one of the most dangerous professionally-commissioned, commercial sports out there. Injuries sustained on the football field include injuries to limbs, but can often involve the spinal column. The dangers of playing a sport like this are beyond breaking an arm or leg – which is severe enough in the minds of many.

Pain is inevitable for players, even those who don’t sustain a major injury in a given season. However, athletes can’t have their minds and bodies obscured by the effects of narcotics, unless they plan not to play. The NFL is also a very anti-drug association and players undergo frequent testing, so this is a non-option for active players. In any case, numbing the pain could cause players to overexert, not realizing they are pushing the limits of safety. Still, whether they are playing the next game or not, players need a solution to pain, stiffness, and loss of mobility. Players injured during the season can’t always just fly home to receive care – they spend half of the season or more on the road. This is where chiropractors have come in to work on-site, in-game, to promote wellness and strength.

Dr. Steve Lininger, the man behind Manassas Chiropractic in Virginia, sees many athletes in his practice. He provides that the rationale for pro athletes’ choice to receive chiropractic care is simple – the approach to care is complete, safe, and gentle. Players don’t have to worry about the extensive recovery time that comes with steroid injections, narcotic drugs, or worse – surgery.


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