Chicago's Digital Printer Sunrise Hitek Announces FSC® Certification

Chicago based digital printer, Sunrise Hitek is pleased to announce that their facility has received FSC Certification from the Rainforest Alliance This certification encourages sustainability and responsible foresting practices.

Sunrise Hitek have recently completed their FSC Certification process through the Rainforest Alliance certifying body. The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) provide regulation which enables more responsible, sustainable forest management. Sustainability is extremely important, especially in the paper industry. The Rainforest Alliance is an FSC Certification body, as well as an ambassador whose own seal is recognized worldwide as a sign of clean, responsible agricultural and forestry practices.

Chicago based digital printer Sunrise Hitek offer a wide variety of print services. From postcards mailings and booklets to large format POP signage solutions, they do it all in-house from start to finish. FSC labeling is popping up more and more on products from candy bars to wood furniture. Sunrise Hitek's certification enables them to use FSC and Rainforest Alliance logos on all types of materials such as business cards, postcards, booklets, table tents, and more!

FSC Certification allows Sunrise Hitek to use FSC and Rainforest Alliance labeling on printed materials that are on FSC Certified papers. In doing this, clients can show their consumers that they are doing their part in keeping our foresting sustainable. Printed materials can carry the FSC Mix label for most papers, and the FSC Recycled label for papers with higher recycled content. The Sunrise Hitek staff are equipped to supply and place logos on supplied artwork. Contact Sunrise Hitek for further details about FSC labeling and certification.


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