Cheytac USA, LLC's M300 Intervention® Chosen for Upcoming One Mile Long Shot Competition

Legion Operating Training Group Commissions CheyTac USA Firearm for Corporate Team Building Event

The M300 Intervention®, the revolutionary precision engagement rifle from CheyTac USA, LLC, (“CheyTac USA”), has been named firearm of choice for the One Mile Long Shot Competition at a corporate networking and team building program being produced and managed by Legion Operating Training Group. CheyTac USA’s Patented “Balanced Flight Projectile®” will also be used in the competition.

Members from the Electric Membership Corporations in Georgia and North Florida will participate in the program at one of Legion’s training facilities which boasts an “unknown distance” range of over 2500 yards in late November, where several competitions utilizing various weapon systems will test their skill and speed.

Events will include a Cowboy Shoot and Three Gun, and the marquis competition will be the One Mile Long Shot, also known as the “1st Annual Coop Top Shot”, where the M300 Intervention® combined with the “Balanced Flight Projectile®” will be used.

“We chose CheyTac USA’s M300 Intervention® and world-renowned ammunition due to its accuracy at extreme long distances,” said Eddie Noland, Director of Operations at Legion Operating Training Group. “We are proud to give our clients the opportunity to experience the CheyTac USA firearm systems, known for distance, power and accuracy.”

“Legion Operating Training Group has some of the best training facilities in the country,” said David McCutcheon, CEO of CheyTac USA. “Our M300 Intervention® is a perfect addition to their team-building programs, and we look forward to an on-going partnership.”  

In addition to networking and team-building, Legion Operating Training Group will also help Electric Membership Corporation raise awareness for the Sua Sponte Foundation, a non-profit organization which helps US Army Rangers and their families in times of need. The Foundation also maintains the 1st Ranger Battalion Memorial located on Hunter Army Airfield.

About CheyTac USA, LLC
CheyTac USA, LLC, located in Nashville, GA, is the leading manufacturer of the world record setting, long-distance bolt action rifle, the M200 Intervention®.  The .408 M200 Intervention®, has been featured in the movies “Shooter” and “Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance,” as well as in the video games “Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2”, "Call of Duty Online” and “Homefront”, and is slated for use in the upcoming film, “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”, scheduled for release in March 2016. CheyTac USA’s rifle and ammunition systems have evolved to include the new M300 Intervention®, built with a carbon fiber chassis, available in both .375 and .408 caliber.

About Legion Operating Training Group

Legion OTG is a Veteran Owned Small Business comprised of former Special Operations Forces (SOF) Operators that have united together in order to create the most unique training center in the southeast geared towards military, law enforcement professional development as well as state department and DOD contracting companies. Located in Blakely, Georgia, 50 miles south of Ft. Benning, Legion OTG is bound by the highest standards of integrity, quality and respect for every client.  We will never sacrifice our values for growth and will remain steadfast to our fundamentals of character, uncompromising attention to detail and quality focused training.



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