Celebrity Weight Loss Coach, Tanisha Shanee All Set to Visit Chicago to Promote Her Book

Tanisha Shanee needs no introduction when it comes to weight loss and healthy living. After losing over 100 pounds in less than a year and over 140 pounds until now, she has managed to make a few headlines in the local news media. She also featured recently in a Cosmopolitan article, '29 Weight Loss Tips From Women Who Have Lost 100 Pounds.'

The 30-year old will be in Chicago, from July 21-23, to shoot an episode for a local cable show to promote her book. Speaking about her forthcoming Chicago visit, the Celebrity Weight Loss Coach said, “I am not just looking forward to promote my book, but my plans are to discuss my journey of weight loss, so that I can help others to move from an unhealthy living to a healthy one.” She also added, “My book is created to help individuals in knowing their strengths and aid them in knowing their real strength to give up bad eating habits and develop healthy ones.”

A renowned Celebrity Lifestyle Coach, Author, and Health Living Motivational Speaker, Tanisha Shanee Williams is someone who has stood out from others from day one. Unlike people who explore the weight loss segment for instant results, she devised a plan where she completely focused on becoming healthy vs. following another diet. Born and brought up in Brooklyn, New York, the individual now has a single-minded goal to assist people struggling with obesity across the globe. According to her, “Diets do not work.” Perhaps, Tanisha who started at over 350 pounds and lost over 140 pounds, but never practiced any sort of diet or weight loss surgery. “Losing weight without diets or surgical operations is very much possible, I did it, and you can also do it.”

Tanisha’s weight loss journey soon became public as people saw her change, their curiosity to know more and learn how she did it, inspired her to write the book. Showed up in the genre of ‘Self-help, Inspiration, and Health/ Wellness’, her book is specifically designed for real people who first take up the challenge of losing weight and then take a turn. Besides, spending millions of dollars to lose weight is another major thing she strongly protests.

Presently concentrating on her career as Weight Loss Coach, she is deeply engaged in spreading word of healthy living everywhere. Besides being a teacher, she is a motivational speaker and is usually seen conducting workshops to help obese people in their journey of weight loss. From Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, The Virgin Islands to New York, she is busy coaching heavy people and also spreading the word about her book ‘Transition To a Healthier You: How I Lost Over 140 Pounds, and You Can Too!’ And this very purpose brings her to Chicago. While she will be heard on all local radio shows, bloggers also have a chance to publish excerpts from her episode of local cable show.

To schedule an interview with Tanisha Shanee, please email info at healthissuccess.com or 917-416-4088.


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