Canadian Company Is Now Marketing State-Of-The-Art Hose Technology

Fluid Hose & Coupling Inc. has begun marketing a corrosion resistant hose to the world.

Anyone in the steel and mining industry understands how frustrating it is to replace hoses that are eaten by highly corrosive materials used on the job.

Fluid Hose & Coupling Inc., a company based in Canada, has developed technology that remedies this frustration.

Branded Coreblast, this new technology involves hoses that have been make abrasion and corrosion resistant. That means Coreblast hoses are able to last longer than any hose that is currently on the market.

For people currently in the industrial world, this is fantastic news. Prior to the release of this technology, industrial hoses that moved corrosive materials had to be replaced every few days in order to maintain production. With a switch to Coreblast-brand hoses, replacement only has to happen once every two to three months.

Initially, Coreblast hoses are pricey. However, when the price is compared with hoses that last only a few days, the benefit is clear. Coreblast-brand hoses have a price-per-hour of use that is lower than other hoses on the market. This technology is also less expensive than its ceramic counterparts.

So far, reviews have been positive. Every customer who has purchased and used the new hose is more than happy with the results. For information about where you can find this new industrial hose technology in Las Vegas, contact Nevada House of Hose at 702.399.1497.


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