Caller ID Spoofing Summer Event Offers 10 Free Spoof Minutes

SpoofTel is offering 10 free Spoof Minutes for it's Summer event in celebration of it's 10 year anniversary and being the oldest, longest running caller ID spoofing provider.

SpoofTel is celebrating it’s 10th year as the World’s Leader in Caller ID Spoofing and, to celebrate, will be offering a number of promotions throughout the year.  This Summer, users can get 10 free Spoof Minutes just by using the code “SUMMER” when they sign up.  It’s absolutely free and there are no sign up fees at all.  If users choose continue using the service they will need to make a cash deposit into their account.  SpoofTel maintains the lowest prices available for caller ID spoofing.

In addition to caller ID spoofing, users can use their funds to record their calls or send Spoof SMS.  Other options are also available from SpoofTel including voice changing and sound boards.  If you’ve never trie the service now’s your chance to do it for free.

Caller ID spoofing is used for a number of reasons and by a variety of people.  Police use the service, lawyers use the service, salespeople use the service, and the list goes on.  Regular people use the service just to ensure that their identities are protected when placing calls.  In fact, users are able to purchase Spoof Numbers which are telephone numbers that can be forwarded to your regular phone or any telephone of your choice.  This way, they can keep their real number private from certain people.

If you want to take a couple extra days off this summer, or just find a way to spend some relaxing time alone, SpoofTel is the way to go.  You can call your clients and make it look like you’re calling from the office, or you can call from your living room and make it look like you’re out of town.  It’s amazing how helpful and simple it can be just to change the way your number appears.

Visit and enter the code “SUMMER” for 10 free Spoof Minutes.  


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