BugHuntress Is Now TestFort

BugHuntress, a large, known software QA and testing company has recently underwent serious changes and was rebranded into TestFort.

BugHuntress, a known software testing, QA and QC outsourcing service provider has recently underwent serious changes. The firm was rebranded into a newer, better form with more shine and improved quality of delivered solutions.

This shift was inspired with a never-ending thirst to meet growing expectations of customers and to satisfy constantly improving standards of the industry. Initially, BugHuntress team was always driven with innovation and have now gained yet a new chance to mature themselves, transforming into something even bigger and better than before.

BugHuntress QA Lab

History behind BugHuntress Lab dates back to 2001, when the firm opened its doors to customers for the first time. Over the years BugHuntress has served hundreds of clients from all around the world. The list of clients, satisfied with services, provided at BugHuntress includes such companies as AOL, Sega, The Huffington Post, Skype and many others.

About TestFort

TestFort is a company that consists of same enthusiastic test engineers encouraged to deliver maximum quality in the most efficient manner. Company’s experience and professionalism remained intact, while the rest has matured and updated to meet up with all new challenges and requirements of the present. 

TestFort is still juiced with 50+ high-end professionals that can put any existing desktop, web or mobile technology under test to ensure perfect quality, security, performance, usability and much more. Engineers form TestFort are encouraged to provide most cost-effective solutions with deep respect towards time-to-market delivery as the company was always interested in maintenance of long-term relationships with customers, which is impossible without provision of truly remarkable QA, QC and software testing.

Results of rebranding

TestFort is BugHuntress’ answer to demands of time. Good old quality and innovation packed in a better looking, friendlier interface to ensure even further comfort of both existing and potential clients. Premium quality comes in a beautiful cover now, where techniques, knowledge and methodologies that were commonly used to assist customers was applied to the delivering firm itself. And the result is quite breathtaking.​

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About TestFort QA Lab

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TestFort QA Lab is a specialized software testing company which is a separate division of QArea company with more than 250 employees, 12 years of experience and 4 representative offices in the USA, France, Czech Republic, Malta, Pakistan and Russia.

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