Buddha the World's Greatest Black Hero Robbery in Plain Daylight

Shakyamuni Buddha is the world's Greatest Black Hero whose Black historical legacy was stolen in plain Daylight by racist Brahmans in India who are the "Fathers of the world's racism." Proud Black Buddhist World Association founder Anthony "Amp" Elmore ( Memphis, TN) launch the movement to fight for the Buddha's True Black legacy fighting "Buddhism's Racism."

Cosmic Buddha In Todaji Japan

Memphis, Tennessee October 19, 2015; ​When African/American youth and Black people are asked who is the world's greatest Black leader many will point to Dr. Martin Luther King and other great Black leaders like Malcolm x, Fredrick Douglass, certainly the name Nelson Mandela comes up.

The adage you can't see the Forrest from the tree's applies to the World's greatest Black hero because he is hidden in plain sight.  When it comes to the world's monuments no other human has more statues in his honor than the world's greatest "Black leader."  Even carvings in Mount Rushmore cannot compare to the dept and size of the World's greatest Black hero.

In regards to documentation this Black revolutionary hero has more written documentation than any human in world history. Imagine having a cannon not only is 11 times larger than the Bible, but much of the Bible comes from this Black revolutionary Hero who lived 1000 years before the Bible was written.

"There are two great Ethiopian nations, one in Sind (India) and the other in Egypt."


Father of History

The world's greatest Black Hero is called the "Buddha."  Buddha is the founder of the world's 1st egalitarian religion that preached against racism, sexism, and equality of all humans.  While slavery and racism is America's greatest sin; slavery and racism is Buddhism's greatest sin.

Buddhism's  greatest sin happen 1900 years ago when the Hindu Brahmans took over Buddhism and created a religious codex on India' s Black inhabitants that was so cruel and warped that their model in time produced the world's 1st sanctioned racism and sexism that was so perverse it infected the world with racism and sexism.

Anthony "Amp" Elmore a five time world Karate/Kickboxing champion who lives in Memphis, Tennessee organized the "Proud Black Buddhist World Association" an organization that fights "Racism in Buddhism."  Elmore is a Nichiren Buddhist teacher who practice the Buddhist teachings of the 13th Century Japanese sage Nichiren Shonin who Elmore calls the messenger of the Buddha Shakyamuni born in India around 642 B.C. Nichiren recognize the "Lotus Sutra as the highest of the Buddha's teachings.

Nichiren in his writings called the Gosho writes in a Gosho called "Letter to Akimoto" reads: " If rice is mixed with filth or pebbles or sand or dirt, then it is no longer fit for human consumption."  Elmore notes that the sin of Buddhism happen when it became infected with "Hindu Buddhism."  In a common street terms the Brahmans in India "High Jacketed" Buddhism via incorporating the Buddha into the Hindu Pantheon, re-writing history and changing the Buddha from Black to White.

The father of history Herodotus writes about India;“All the tribes I mentioned ..  their skins are all of the same color, much like the Ethiopians.”   Diodorus (Greek Historian 100 B.C.) writes “And upon his return to Greece, they gathered around and asked, “tell us about the great land of the Blacks called Ethiopia.” And Herodotus said, “There are two great Ethiopian nations, one in Sind (India) and the other in Egypt.”

The Greek Historian Homer lived around 800 B.C. around 150 years  before the Buddha was born. Homer wrote that India was called  Eastern Ethiopia.  Ethiopia is a Greek Word that means Brunt Skin.  Science proves that the ancient India civilization was the Harappan Culture or the Indus Valley Civilization.

British Historian Sir Godfrey Higgins writes in his 1833 book;  Anacalypsis  the origins of  language and religions : The time has now arrived when it  becomes proper to enter upon an examination of the doctrines of the celebrated Buddha of India, which were the foundations of all the mythoses of the Western nations.”  Higgins further writes: "But yet there is one circumstance of very great importance which is peculiar to Buddha, and forms a discriminating mark between him and Cristna, which is, that he is continually described as a Negro, not only with a black complexion, in which he agrees with Cristna, but with woolly hair and flat face. M. Creuzer observes, that the black Buddha, with frizzled or curled hair, attaches himself at the same time to the three systems into which the religion of India divides itself.

Mr. Moore, on his woolly head, says, "Some statues of Buddha certainly exhibit thick Ethiopian lips;* but all woolly hair : there is something mysterious, and unexplained, connected with the hair of this, and only of this, Indian deity. The fact of so many different tales having been invented to account for his crisped, woolly head, is alone sufficient to excite suspicion, that there is something to conceal — something to be ashamed of; more than meets the eye."**

Over 500 years before anyone ever heard of Christianity Blacks in Africa were practicing Buddhism.  Herodotus speaks of Meroe as "the cradle of  the Gymnosophist or Buddhist. Higgins writes: "We see here that the followers of Buddha are called Gymnosophists. It has been observed that the Meroe of Ethiopia was a Meru. This is confirmed by an observation of Heliodorus, that the priests of Meroe were of a humane character, and were called Gymnosophists.*"

Meroe is an ancient city on the banks of the Nile river and the Kingdom of Kush or the land of the "Blacks."  Many Afro-centrist Blacks call themselves Nubians.  What most Blacks fail to note are the Nubians in India are called Naga.  Naga and Nubian are one and the same people.  One is in India and one is in Africa. 

Shakyamuni Buddha comes from the "Naga in India." He was born in Magadha in Bihar in  present day Nepal around 642 B.C. in a Kingdom founded by "Sisunaga."  This kingdom grew into in empire under Bimbisara who supported the Buddha. Naga Kings supported Buddhism most noted was King Asoka who left edits and promoted Buddhism worldwide.

Egyptian Egytologist Finders Petrie a pioneer of systematic methodology in archeology  and preservation of artifacts found evidence in Egypt that connected Shakyamuni Buddhism in Egypt to the “Persian Period.”

Buddha is the world's greatest and most remarkable  1st iconic figure who was changed in world history for "Political purposes."  Just as America's original sin is slavery in America and we have republican lawmakers in Texas attempting to rewrite the history of slavery in America, Brahmans in India hide Buddhism's original sin by rewriting Buddhist history in India.

Buddhism's "Original Sin is Racism."  Buddhism is the world's 1st religion that was high-jacked and Whitewashed.  India Brahman Hindu Racist created the World's 1st Sanction religious practice call "Hinduism."  The History of Hinduism begins with "Cast System" in India where genetic science recently proves started about 1900 years ago.  

In a recent paper published in the American Journal of Human Genetics, researchers from Harvard, MIT, and the CSIR-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology in Hyderabad found the cast system to be only 1900 years old.  Archeology, Anthropology, Genetics, linguistic science and historical facts challenges the ago old racist dogma taught in India and about Buddhism.

Anthony "Amp" Elmore founder of the "Proud Black Buddhist World Association" began his practice in Nichiren Buddhism in Memphis, Tennessee in 1974.  Elmore as a youth was a community activist was chairman of an organization called the "inner city voter education committee. While in high school Elmore lead the 1st 18 year old voter registration in Tennessee.  Elmore became a Buddhist youth activist in Memphis who introduced more people to Nichiren Buddhism than anyone in Memphis.

Elmore joined an organization called NSA or Nichiren Shoshu of America based in Japan.  Elmore became aware of the SGI organization's "cultural Imperialism" and left the organization in 1990.  In 1995 a friend invited Elmore to travel to the Nichiren Shoshu Head Temple in Japan.  Elmore who was a 5 time world Karate/Kickboxing champion was also a "film-maker" and video journalist.  Armed with a video camera and a lap top computer Elmore spend decades filming and interviewing Buddhism members from around the world.  In 1998 Elmore was the official videorgapher for  1st Nichiren  Shoshu Temple in Africa.

In 1998 Elmore created a website called "The Proud Black Buddhist."  Elmore notes that we became not only the world's number one authority on "Black Buddhist History, we became the Number One Black Buddhist site on Google. 

In studying Buddhism in ancient Africa and learning about the Black Gymnosophist Buddhist Elmore realized  that the Nichiren Buddhist sects in Japan were also also "Hindu Buddhist" or Mahayana Buddhist whereas all Black history, culture language is extricated from their Buddhist teachings.  Mahayana Buddhist is based on "Sanskrit" and their teachings was a means to re-write history via changing the Buddha from Black to White. 

Elmore noted that Buddhism's "Dirty little secret is Black history extraction and racism."  The 13th century Japanese Founder of Nichiren Buddhism not only challenged all of the Mahayana Buddhist sects in Japan Nichiren wrote that he was form the family of Chandala.  The chandala were the Black oppressed  India and ancestors to the Ainu.  America's 1st Anthropologist Dr. Francis Alexander Chamberlain named Sakanouye No Tamuramaro the 1st Shogun of Japan was a Black man.

Todaji Buddhist temple in the ancient Japanese Capital of Nara Japan house the world largest indoor Bronze and Gold Black Buddha statue. Elmore is excited to tell our youth that Buddhism opens up a new world of Black history untapped in Africa, Japan and India. Todaji Temple in Japan is a UNESCO World heritage site that Blacks can travel to Japan to enjoy.  Elmore most of all, dream is to travel to India and connect with his Naga or Dali family in India. Our plan is to connect the legacies of the Dalit Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar and Dr. Martin Luther King.

Black youth in America were the Black lock or corn roll hair style think they are doing something new.  All they have to do is Google Buddha images and they will see that the Buddha was Black because you see the Black hair.  This is a fact hidden in Plain daylight.

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