Best VPN Service Releases Professional PureVPN Review Video

BVS Launches Remarkable PureVPN Video Review

PureVPN is proud to announce that Best VPN Service, a world renowned VPN review website and online privacy advocate, has released a professional PureVPN review video. In what seems to be their very first video, Best VPN Service has dissected PureVPN through a short, sweet and crisp analysis of its features and its functions.

While it is common knowledge that PureVPN has been working to expand its international server spread and the count now stands at 500+ (and is rising by the week), the latest PureVPN reviews focuses on brass tacks and sheds light on the practical utility of PureVPN’s offerings. It is also the first professional video review of PureVPN’s latest Windows application.

Users around the world use PureVPN in countless different ways to help them get the most from the internet. The video review chooses to place all of PureVPN’s uses in three categories to place it fit the mammoth service under the microscope:

·         Unblocking websites

·         Online anonymity

·         Protection from cyber-surveillance

Best VPN service personnel used WireShark (a popular data packet analyzer) to carry out the testing of PureVPN’s encryption and also highlight advanced features like split-tunneling and PureVPN's ever-present Live Chat.​

The review examines PureVPN’s usability and options for desktop and mobile devices, across a variety of operating systems. In addition, the PureVPN review video also tests PureVPN’s claim to be the ‘World’s Fastest VPN Service’.

Even though there is a lot more to PureVPN than that which can be covered in a 2 minute video review, BestVPNService seems to have done a first-rate job of showcasing PureVPN for people window shopping for a VPN service.

Best VPN Service is a veteran in the VPN industry, and has been servicing the VPN industry with their expert VPN reviews, privacy new features and privacy advocacy. BestVPNService is also a great place to find PureVPN’s exclusive discount coupons and internet privacy news features.

About PureVPN:

PureVPN is a top-tier VPN service, known for providing unparalleled online freedom through encryption, tunneling and IP cloaking. The service is frequently preferred by streaming fans, online gaming enthusiasts, and internet privacy supporters; thanks to the massive server spread, 24/7 Live Chat support and an ever-expanding range of features.


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