Aviation Conference Abu Dhabi - Counteracting Underlying Fuel Challenges

To counteract global fuel challenges and develop strategies to ensure optimum safety of fuel, Al areesh Air Transport Consultancy is holding Aviation Conference 2015 in Abu Dhabi.

Aviation Conference Abu Dhabi is a platform where some of the most perturbing challenges linked with aviation fuel will be addressed. This conference is aimed towards finding ways of making the aviation industry more sustainable, heavily returning and profitable. Discussions on various topics will be held that will be hosted by some of the most influential and significant members of the aviation society who will also promptly answer and entertain queries from the audience on the subject matter.

The underlying motive behind aviation conference 2015 is to make people enlightened on what the future of aviation sector beholds for them. It will shed some light on several technologies of the future that will effectively minimize wastage of aviation fuel, ensure its optimum safety and save the ecosystem from fuel emissions worldwide. Some of the visionary minds of the 21st century will make an appearance at this conference that will enlighten people about several tactics of reducing fuel consumption and how to administer a carbon-neutral growth.

When asked about the economic feasibility of this conference, one of the key members of Al areesh air transport consultancy said that “the aviation world today has undergone complete insurrection which though has proved hugely profitable, but at the same time has posed several challenges before the mankind. These challenges need to be tackled now, to ensure a safe and healthy future for the current and next generation’’.

Aviation conference Abu Dhabi is also a step towards bringing aviation experts together and providing them a platform where they can discuss ways of catalyzing their business towards better profit accountability. It is an opportunity for business personnel from a variety of domains to come forward and meet with aviation industry experts and pave the way for a great deal of profitable business prospects. Applications for the conference are invited and participants can register themselves by filling the registration form .

About Aviation Conference 2015

Aviation conference 2015 is a global meet that is being held in Abu Dhabi to effectively wrestle some of the most concerning challenges of the aviation industry. This conference will be organized on 20th and 21st of October in Abu Dhabi. Call on 00973 17 259 623 to confirm your registration.


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