Authors Announce the Release of Book 'The Departing Point'

Santosh Avvannavar, Jyothi Byahatti and Raghunath Babu Are introduce their work, 'The Departing Point,' to be released by Geeta Gowri, Quality Expert, an MNC in Bengaluru, April 03, 2015.

‘The Departing Point’ is about seven different stories which due to some circumstances didn’t meet the happy ending narrated in a humorous way that wouldn’t make readers sad, focused on the issue of love and the social institutions that enable it in urban and rural India.

The book covers a myriad of interwoven topics with single theme love. The authors tackle serious issues in a novel format, even throwing in a healthy dose of humor in the book.

The book is available for order now on Amazon, Pothi at moment and will be available at Flipkart very soon. 

About the book:

A physicist says ‘Biologically, love is a powerful neurological condition like hunger or thirst, only more permanent’. A psychotherapist says ‘Love has many guises’. Aphilosopher says ‘Love is a passionate commitment’. A romantic novelist says ‘Love drives all great stories’, A nun says ‘Love is free yet binds us’. The authors try to find out what is love from the people who have experienced it. From common people like us. Based on true love experiences, The Departing Point brings seven exciting journeys of love showcasing different situations and circumstances where the travellers for some reason are unable to complete the journey to reach the “happily lived together ever after” station.


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