"Athletic/Baseball Performance Enhancing Training Aid": Provides Players With An Effective Means Of Improving And Perfecting Their Batting Technique

"Athletic/Baseball Performance Enhancing Training Aid" utilizes a performance enhancing method for America's favorite sport.

While some might consider this practice device unusual, it really is a perfectly designed baseball training aid that provides players with a simple/effective means of improving and perfecting their batting technique, particularly youth and other beginners. The product is comprised of a series of impact bags and accompanying resistance bands that utilize a performance enhancing method called Under Load Over training. Overload is executing a motion with resistance and Under Load involves the negative resistance to the body while performing the motion.
Other features of the Athletic/Baseball Performance Enhancing Training Aid include resistance bands that secure to a belt worn around the waist or chest; looped bands for wrapping around the wrists, and a rubber mat that visually illustrates the proper foot placement and distance from the bag while in a batting stance. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Athletic/Baseball Performance Enhancing Training Aid.
The Patent Pending Athletic/Baseball Performance Enhancing Training Aid was invented by Robert Szabo of Posen, IL who said, “It is vitally important for anyone participating in baseball to practice, practice, and practice some more. The ability to keep one's batting skill in optimal condition enables a player to be able to bat a home run or at least score a base. This product will assist all users and improve their batting skill. It works!”

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