Asia-Pacific ATM Market Is Expected to Reach $7.9 Billion, by 2020 -

Major driving factors for the Asia-Pacific ATM industry are rising demand for automated systems, enhanced security standards, technological advancements and introduction of wireless communicating devices in regions like India, Singapore and Australia.

According to a new report by titled, "Asia-Pacific ATM Market Research Report, 2014 - 2020", the Asia-Pacific ATM Market would reach $7.9 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 10.7% during 2015 - 2020. The Asia Pacific ATM industry would continue to exhibit lucrative opportunities for ATM installations due to present insufficient size of ATM network compared to population in countries such as China and India. These countries would exhibit a steady market, largely supplemented by favourable government initiatives for improving the banking services.

The integration of communicating systems with ATM machines has significantly helped to reduce the ATM related frauds. Smart ATMs which enable the customers to complete transactions via smart phones prove to be extremely effective in reducing the card skimming frauds. Additionally, concepts such as White Label ATMs, have emerged as a lucrative option for financial institutions and corporates to deploy ATM services in rural areas.

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Despite the economic slowdown in major Asian economies, the count of ATMs has risen every year, in the Asia-Pacific region. Government support, increasing investments for process automation and intensifying competition among financial institutions to increase the customer base are factors that supplement the rate of ATM deployment in Asia Pacific countries.

Presently, the ATM industry is witnessing rapid technological advancements aimed at improving the security of financial transactions. The segment of smart ATMs is anticipated to grow at the fastest CAGR of 27.01% during the forecast period. This growth is supplemented by the increasing demand of these ATMs in financial institutions. The growing trend of outsourcing ATM services, and Brown Label ATMs, is gaining importance among banks and other financial institutions. The growing popularity of managed services and brown label ATMs is driven by the banks need to do away with the heavy operational costs associated with these machines. The financial institutions, in this case, facilitate only cash management and connectivity to bank networks, whilst all the other services are outsourced to third party vendors.

The adoption of White Label ATMs allows the financial institutions to expand their geographic presence in a cost-effective manner. White Label ATMs are operated by non-bank entities that deliver all the ATM services and incur a charge on per transaction for service to the customer. These ATMs are largely installed in unconventional locations and do not bear the logo of a particular financial institution or bank. Developing countries such as India, exhibit a large demand for such ATMs in a bid to offer banking and financial services across rural areas.   

Key Findings of the Study:

·      A large demand of offsite ATMs, is a factor that is estimated to drive the growth of the Asia Pacific ATM market over the forecast period.

·      White Label ATMs would witness rapid rate of installation with the growing trend of ATM service outsourcing 

·      The segment of Smart ATMs is expected to register the fastest CAGR over the forecast period

·      China, would continue to lead the market by 2020

ATM manufacturers are actively developing technology to enhance the security of financial transactions in order to reduce the risks of ATM related frauds and associated monetary losses. Solar powered ATMs prove to be an efficient solution for financial institutions and credit unions to provide services in rural areas. Partnerships and product launch provide growth opportunities to market players in terms of enhancing the product portfolio and facilitating geographic expansions.  


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