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After finding video conversion tools to be confusing or lacking in features, Patrick Randall and Charles Kirk left their positions at Jellyvision to solve that problem. Out of months of hard work came (, a web app that makes it simple for anyone to convert their video into a myriad of formats, from a GIF to HTTP Live Streaming and over a dozen more. is a new Chicago-based company with the goal to make video conversion (transcoding) easy to use through a web-based application. CEO Patrick Randall found current video transcoding options to be cumbersome, requiring users to have programming and expert knowledge to complete the process. Through’s web interface anyone can format their video to fit their needs, including HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) for use on the AppleTV and iOS platforms, as well as most modern Android-based devices.

Of the impetus behind creating Randall said, “Video editors and content creators need a transcoding solution that is easy to use and doesn’t require dedicated hardware. By shifting the workload to the cloud and giving editors easy to understand encoding options, achieves both.”

In addition to simultaneous multi-format transcoding, users can create clips, thumbnails, add custom watermarks, and automatically deliver files to other cloud providers when finished. works with leading cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Google Compute Engine, Dropbox, Box, YouTube, and Vimeo. CDN support is available through Akamai, Cloudflare, Fastly, Highwinds, and Level(3).

New users can try out for free, no credit card required.

About was founded by two friends and Jellyvision alumni in 2015 on the idea that video transcoding should be simple, easy to understand, and high performance.

Patrick Randall was an early Internet evangelist in the pre-web days and founded a still-running nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing Internet access to underserved populations. Since then, Patrick has held leadership positions at RCN, Orbit Commerce, Jellyvision, and co-founded Sparkplug Broadband. As an occasional professional photographer, Patrick founded on the idea that Internet-delivered video production needs to be low cost, easy to use and high performance. A technology executive by trade, Patrick still gets his hands dirty designing and building the platform, deployment and automated testing frameworks for

Charles Kirk got his start in tech at age 14 when Belly co-founder Craig Ulliot hired him as a developer at Where I’ve Been. Charles cut his teeth working with people twice his age and gaining a reputation for creating fully baked scripts at a breakneck pace. After returning to England, Charles shifted into creative agency work for several years before returning to the US to take up residency as Jellyvision’s Director of Operations. A full-stack developer by trade, Charles favors Ruby on Rails with React.js/Webpack as well as all things Amazon Web Services. 


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