AnyTranscription Now Provides Transcription Services in More Than 20 Languages

The global demand for transcription services has rapidly increased. To meet consumer demand from around the globe, AnyTranscription began recruiting transcriptionists worldwide and can now offer transcription services in over 20 languages.

AnyTranscription is a customer-oriented transcription services provider. In order to meet an ever increasing global demand for transcription services and free consumers from becoming limited to certain languages, the company organized worldwide recruitment of transcription talents. Now, AnyTranscription can provide consumers with transcription services in over 20 different languages.

With the development of science and technology, transcription has become more convenient and more affordable. People increasingly rely on transcription services to meet transcription needs in various fields such as medicine, academics, interviews, law, insurance, and the media. At the same time, the demand for transcription services is not limited to a few or a dozen countries. In fact, transcription needs are becoming globalized. Transcription companies that are confined to existing businesses will soon find that they are losing out on large international markets.

Many companies believe that minor languages are limited to a small number of people, and that there is a lack of demand. However, the reality is the reverse and minor language transcription is a huge market that has not been developed.

"I have been engaged in academic transcription for over 10 years, and I have found that more and more customers require minor language transcription services. To meet this demand, we are recruiting minor language transcriptionists. There was once a customer who doubted if we were really able to provide Arabic transcription services, of course, he got a satisfactory result."— one of AnyTranscription’s transcriptionists.

Many people believed unimportant minor language transcription services was an opportunity for AnyTranscription to globalize its brand. They carried out extensive worldwide recruitment, and created a unique minor language transcription team after many layers of screening. Now, AnyTranscription can provide transcription services in over 20 languages, including English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, French, German, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and others. All transcription services are undertaken by professional native transcriptionists.

At the same time, the company’s years of experience in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean transcription services gives it a great competitive edge. AnyTranscription not only has a dedicated transcription team, but can also rely on the support from its rich terminology database. Thus, when faced with legal, medical, research, and other transcriptions with a strong professional nature, AnyTranscription can do the job with skill and ease. This multinational transcription team is expected to go even further in the future.


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